Thursday, May 31, 2007

Ryan Doucette - Chasing a Record
by Charles Reid

Athletes to watch

Among the athletes to watch at Saturday’s PEISAA provincial meet at Bluefield are Charlottetown Rural’s Danny Hill in the 100-, 200- and 400-metre runs and Ryan Doucette of Souris, who is chasing Dave (Eli) MacEachern’s provincial 400-metre record of 53:0 after running 53:07 at a meet in Florida.

Doucette is in Florida training for the 2009 Canada Games on P.E.I.

Also keep tabs on up-and-coming runners Cierra Gaudet (100, 200 and 400 metres) and Taylor McIntyre (1,500 and 3,000 metres). The inside track has the Summerside intermediate pair possibly running the fastest times in their races in the province.

Good Luck Ryan!

(Photo of Ryan and Alex during Alex's Tip-to-Tip Run last summer)

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Running for Beijing: Sprinter Jared Connaughton

Running for Beijing:

Sprinter Jared Connaughton is about to wrap up his U.S. college career. He tells Mitch Cormier how his eyes are set on making the Canadian Olympic relay team.

Listen to the interview by clicking HERE

(Jared attended Bluefield High School with Alex's older brother)

Islanders on the Run - Last Weekend in Cape Breton and Ottawa

Team PEI placed 15th out of 65 at the Cabot Trail Relay in Cape Breton, NS on the weekend.
The Cabot Trail Relay Race is a 185 mile/298km,
17 stage relay race through some of the most
beautiful scenery in the world...
beginning in Baddeck, Cape Breton, over steep
mountains in the Cape Breton Highlands, through
many small communities around the famous Cabot
Trail, to the gently rolling Margaree Valley.
To quote Kim Bailey -
"Everyone had incredibly strong runs...Stanley Chaisson blew the lid off MacKenzie Mt,
breaking a 10 year old record, and of course coming first! Billy MacDonald aced
Smokey Mtn and Dustin Gavin from
Tignish polished off North."

15. 22:07:16 TEAM PEI (01:18:05)
1 01:23:50 Kim Bailey 61 1 Mixed
2 01:26:29 Tanya Gregory 61 2 Mixed
3 01:27:12 Ron Profit 61 3 Mixed
4 01:27:19 Billy MacDonald 61 4 Mixed
5 01:22:45 Maria Profit 61 5 Mixed
6 01:12:42 Leo McCosham 61 6 Mixed
7 01:14:42 Johanna Profit 61 7 Mixed
8 00:58:06 Ryan DesRoches 61 8 Mixed
9 01:29:30 Dustin GAvin 61 9 Mixed
10 00:55:19 Stanley Chaisson 61 10 Mixed
11 00:54:29 John Bil 61 11 Mixed
12 01:24:40 Ann MacLaurin 61 13 Mixed
13 01:32:13 Sean Flemming 61 14 Mixed
14 01:16:23 Bev Gerg 61 15 Mixed
15 01:22:33 Ellen Sherren 61 16 Mixed
16 01:25:57 Janice Ployer 61 17 Mixed
17 01:13:07 Cecil Villard 61 12 Mixed

Below is the Leg by Leg breakdown. Each Leg length is shown. The number before the
team name is their placing in that leg. We've also thrown in the times of the Island
runners on other teams. Congratulations Team PEI and a special tip of the hat to Stan
and his record breaking performance!

Leg 1 17 Kms
30 TEAM PEI Kim Bailey 1:23:50
55 PIRATES OF THE ATLANTIC Brian Hawrylak 1:39:18

Leg 2 17.92 Kms
24 TEAM PEI Tanya Gregory 1:26:29
55 PIRATES OF THE ATLANTIC Eva Strongman 1:43:34

Leg 3 13.46 Kms
18 PIRATES OF THE ATLANTIC Kent Strongman 1:05:59
56 TEAM PEI Ron Profit 1:27:12

Leg 4 20.01 Kms
11 TEAM PEI Billy MacDonald 1:27:19
52 PIRATES OF THE ATLANTIC Jennifer Power-Hawrylak 1:53:59

Leg 5 17.5 Kms
16 TEAM PEI Maria Profit 1:22:45
12 TIDAL BOARS Edwin Gillis 1:19:46

Leg 6 17.5 Kms
9 TEAM PEI Leo McCosham 1:12:42

Leg 7 13.1 Kms
41 TEAM PEI Johanna Profit 1:14:42

Leg 8 12.36 Kms
14 TEAM PEI Ryan DesRoches 58:06
50 PIRATES OF THE ATLANTIC Ann Farrel Gaudet 1:17:53

Leg 9 17.84 Kms
30 TEAM PEI Dustin GAvin 1:29:30

Leg 10 14.7 Kms
1 TEAM PEI Stanley Chaisson 55:19
New record. Old record 56:05 by Brian McGloughlin in 1997

Leg 11 14.7 Kms
2 TEAM PEI John Bil 54:29
28 WE'RE A PEPSI FAMILY Dave Astephen 1:12:38

Leg 12 15.78 Kms
16 TEAM PEI Cecil Villard 1:13:07
49 BARBARIAN REPLICAS Shelley Charmichael 1:28:03

Leg 13 15.88 Kms
28 TEAM PEI Ann MacLaurin 1:24:40
39 PIRATES OF THE ATLANTIC Frank Gaudet 1:30:07

Leg 14 19.81 Kms
24 TEAM PEI Sean Flemming 1:32:13

Leg 15 15.42 Kms
18 TEAM PEI Bev Gerg 1:16:23

Leg 16 16.35 Kms
37 TEAM PEI Ellen Sherren 1:22:33

Leg 17 17.7 Kms
37 TEAM PEI Janice Ployer 1:25:57

Meanwhile, at the ING Ottawa Marathon... Here are how some (but no doubt not all) of
our PEI runners did (click on the stats to enlarge):

In the Full Marathon:
In the Half Marathon:

Full Searchable Results

Congratulations to all of you (and all who were there that aren't in the stats above). We were glad to hear the weather cooled down a bit from the over 30 degrees C it had been at week's end. Very pleased to hear that Mike "Rocketman" Meacher and Rick & Judy West all qualified for Boston! Rocketman finished first in his division. Mike Murrins ran his first marathon, crossing the finish line with Cheryl Paynter. Cheryl is coming off an ankle injury and battled severe muscle spasms in her leg from 37K on but, not only did she finish in 4:26:02.2, she raised very close to $10,000 for Oak Acres Children's Camp on PEI. Way to go Cheryl!
Hope you all had fun in the Nation's Capital.

Catch the ING Ottawa Marathon on CBC Sports!

May 28, 2007

The ING Ottawa Marathon will be broadcast on CBC Television (Eastern times) on the following programs!

CBC Sports Weekend - Saturday, June 2, 2007

2:00 p.m. - 3:30 p.m.

CBC Sports Late Night Sunday, June 3, 2007

(as part of an encore presentation of the sporting events broadcast on CBC Sports Weekend)

12:30 p.m. onward

Please note: schedule is subject to change. Please check listings at

Monday, May 28, 2007

Col. Gray/McDonald's Run for SADD

Saturday May 26
" Both hilly and flat sections"
At Colonel Gray High School SADD Run 5km/10km.

"Boomer" Gallant was offical starter. Weather was sunny and few clouds around 20 degrees.

21 minutes first 5km. Last 5km begin slow down.

At 8.5km mark on Queen Street after few water stop at Charlottetown Rural, John Van Ekris asks Alex need some water and run together from my temperature rising.

Finish in 56:45 at 50th out of 61 runners with John. Thank You John for helping!

Drink more water while faster and hot and maybe wear my white cooling hat is only reason at running career.

Official Result: 50th out of 61
10K in 56 minutes, 45 seconds
2006 SADD Run
2005 SADD Run
2004 SADD Run

(Finish Line Photo by Deborah Mutch)

A big wedding afternoon with Roger's younger brother, Andrew met Tami-Lynn at Summerside.
Grammy attend and reception and all Dad's brothers and sisters.

PHOTO - The Bride with the Bains - Alex's Dad, Grandmother and his Dad's siblings.
Back L-R: Nancy, Karl, Tami-Lynn & Andrew, John, Wilfred, Laura. Front L-R: (kneeling) Roger (Dad), Marjorie (Grammy), (kneeling) Gary.

On Tuesday at Run UPEI some couple easy run and Thursday do the last session.

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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Pace Challenge #2

Tuesday, May 22

It windy and rain and snow and 3 degrees.

Pace Challenge #2 on 5.75km loop. It was same loop as Pace Challenge #1.

Dianne Pye pass me at downhill at Mt. Edward Road. Sprinting at end of trail sign.

26:10 was my time, almost minute and half faster than first pace challenge time of 27:39. Good improvement.

On Wednesday night Tara Costello will be presentation about Motivation - sticking with the program.

Running For Autism
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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Bluenose Marathon - Scott Clark's PB

(photo from the Guardian)

Congratulations Scott on your Personal Best time of 2:49:22.7 at Sunday's Bluenose Marathon in Halifax!

Alex now has a new race stat to carry around in his head, replacing your last PB stat. (For those who don't know, Alex has a head full of race stats - from world and Olympic records, sprint to marathon, to Canadian, PEI School and RoadRunner Race course records as well as PB times of many runners, local and internationally famous.... truly scary the stuff he knows) Alex just set a PB at Scott's race so only fair that Scott should go on to set one himself. Well done Scott.

Congratulations as well to Brynley Horsefield, a Bluefield High School student who ran his first Marathon and finished in 3:55:33, 84th overall and 2nd in his division (Male 19 & under). Alex went to school with Brynley's brother Ben and Alex's brother Ben goes to school with Brynley. Ben (our Ben) and Brynley have played soccer with and against each other for years too. Bluefield started a Marathon Club last fall and we saw Brynley out at a few RoadRunner races since. I hope we'll see him out to more in the future. Alex would have loved to be part of a Marathon Club in High School.

Congrats to all our Island runners who braved yet another wet Marathon in Halifax (the 3rd rainy run in 4 years).
Full results can be found here:
Full Marathon
Half Marathon
10 Km Run
5 Km Run
Marathon Corporate Relay

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Rural Raider Run for Healthy Eating Alliance 10K

Saturday, May 19, 2007
"1 K uphill and then fairly flat"

Cloud and rain and 13 degrees. At Charlottetown Rural High School eat pre race fruit salad and bagel.

You saw Karen Ross (now Karen Shepherd) in 5Km, my T.A. from Gulf Shore for 4th to 6th grade . Ewen Strewart around 4.8km mark of race to time split and cheer.

Finishes in 44:50 at 25th out of 58. Stanley Chaisson won 10km and John Bil won the 5km he ran the Fredericton Marathon last weekend and qualified for Boston.

The Blue Nose Marathon is this weekends in Halifax with few PEI Runners.

Official Result: 25th out of 58
10K in 44 minutes, 50 seconds
2006 Rural Raiders Run

Running For Autism
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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Clark's Toyota 5 Mile Run - a Personal Best

Saturday, May 12, 2007
" Flat looped course on the Linkletter Rd. / Confederation Trail, with a downhill finish"

Clark's Toyota 5 mile run at Linkletter. Sunny and windy and 7 degrees. Loop course on the road and trail.

Finishes in 35:35 place 21 out of 62 runners. I set a personal best, 14 seconds faster than best Mount Edward Grocery 5 mile Run in 2004.

Gary Gates won the race 18 seconds ahead of Scott Clark. Rachael McCarvill was top female.

BBQ afterwards and Scott gave me a poster from this year Boston Marathon. He got me one last year too.

Official Result: 21st out of 62
5 miles (8K) in 35 minutes, 35 seconds
2006 Clark's 5 Mile
2005 Clark's 5 Mile

Gary Gates receives congratulations
from wife Danyele and son Garrison.
Last updated at 8:59 AM on 15/05/07

Weather plays factor in Clark's Toyota five-mile race

The Journal Pioneer

Gary Gates won the Clark's Toyota 5-Miler without breaking a sweat.

That owed largely to weather.

"There was a water stop. I was like - why? If I spill it on myself it might freeze up," Gates joked after finishing the five-mile (just over 8 kilometres) run in a course record time of 28 minutes 18 seconds.

Sixty-two runners participated in the third annual event.

Gates, 42, just moved to Hunter River from Florida this month; it was his first race on the Island.

"It was pretty darn windy - windy and cold," he said.

The morning brought a temperature of just under 8 C and winds of 32 kilometres an hour.

Gates liked the course, though added he's not used to so much up and down terrain running in the Sunshine State.

Gates received congratulations from wife, Danyele, and son Garrison, who at 13 months is already a runner.

"He's hard to keep up with," Gates explained.

Scott Clark of Linkletter finished second with a time of 28 minutes 36 seconds, followed by Mike MacKinnon with a time of 30 minutes.

The top female finisher, Rachael McCarvill, agreed the wind made for a slower run because she tried to conserve energy.

McCarvill, 25, is originally from Kensington though now lives in Charlottetown. Her time was 32 minutes 11 seconds.

"If there was no wind, I think I could've done at least a minute faster or two minutes faster," she said. "But I'm happy with that. I feel really good, but I don't think that I put 100 per cent into it."

Rachael and her twin sister Rebecca - who was the second female with her time of 32 minutes 55 seconds - described it as a flat course.

"Maybe I need to go to Florida!," Rachael joked, after learning Gates' found the course a bit more up and down than he's used to.

The third female finisher was Shelley Simmons-MacLeod of Summerside with a time of 35 minutes 14 seconds.

Simmons-MacLeod agreed it had been windy, but noted there's something fair about that.

"Everybody's running under the same conditions," she pointed out.

Proceeds from the run went to the Children's Wish Foundation.

Running For Autism
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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Dave Matthews - Building "strong, healthy and physically active children"

Alex's education is my idea of a success story. Although my part in it wasn't always easy - the IEP meetings and misc. battles along the way - it was certainly a far cry from many of the horror stories I've heard, read, and seen, in the years since Alex started Grade 1 in 1993. For the most part Alex had great Teachers, excellent Teacher Aides and went to schools with good Administrations overseen by a decent School Board with good Special Ed. Coordinators. He also had a pretty great peer group, especially in the early years. I believe the foundation we laid in the beginning (Grades 1-3) with the help of an exceptional TA, paved the way for his future successes. All this, combined with his love for learning, made full integration in public school work for Alex and work beautifully.

Recently, one of these early influences, the Physical Education teacher who taught Alex from Grade 1-9 was honoured with a National Teaching Excellence Award which "recognizes physical education teachers for their hard work and dedication in helping to build strong, healthy and physically active children". Obviously, Mr. Matthews' teachings were not lost on Alex.

When Alex started school, Phys. Ed. was his most difficult class. It was totally overwhelming to his senses to be in the big, echo-ey, gymnasium with classmates noisily running around everywhere. Although he enjoyed it (he *loved* balls and anything to do with them from a very early age) the sensory bombardment was quite obviously overwhelming. (It's hard to play with a ball or anything else when your hands are firmly covering your ears....) As well, he still played more in parallel with his peers than with them and, for the first half of Grade 1 anyway, he hadn't started talking yet.

However, by the end of the year, Phys Ed became the one class Alex did not need a 1-1 TA in and from then on, right through High School, Alex always went to Phys. Ed. class independently. Credit goes to Dave Matthews for making the adaptations necessary to teach Alex in a way that accommodated his learning style, and Alex's peers, who helped with that by being the example, by always including and encouraging him, and by redirecting him and helping to keep in on task when necessary. It was Dave Matthews who encouraged Alex to participate in extracurricular sports in school; track and field and cross country running. There was no extra help supplied, Mr. Matthews took on coaching Alex like he did every other kid.

So thanx again Mr. Matthews for all you've done in the many years of teaching all my kids (the youngest one is just about to leave Gulf Shore). You guided the two on the autism spectrum into being quite the athletes. Alex's brother left Gulf Shore School with the Athlete of the Year award and continues to lead an active life in and out of High School. Although running is not his sport, he's joined Alex in a handful of RoadRunner races. They are indeed "strong, healthy and physically active children". I expect many more past and present students can say the same and have you to credit as well. Good teachers can make such a difference in a person's life....


Last updated at 12:26 AM on 03/05/07

Gulf Shore teacher wins national honour
Dave Matthews receives physical education teaching excellence award


The Guardian

OTTAWA - Dave Matthews of Charlottetown has been named the P.E.I. recipient of the physical education teaching excellence award.

Presented by the Canadian Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance, the award honours up to 13 exceptional teachers (one per province and territory) for their excellence in teaching physical education and their ability to motivate children and youth to participate in physical activity.

It is the only national award in Canada which recognizes physical education teachers for their hard work and dedication in helping to build strong, healthy and physically active children.

Matthews is a physical education teacher at Gulf Shore school in North Rustico.

As an integral member at the school, he is an energetic motivator for his students who incorporates many new ideas to hold the interest of his students.

Monday, May 7, 2007

Hospice 5K Run

Hospice 5km Run and Hike at Straford Town Hall. Sunny and windy 6 degrees. Loop course on paved road and trails. 8th out of 22 runners in 21:10. Kendall MacDonald came first in 17:30.

3 sessions this week at Run UPEI for Speed Pyramid, Sport Nutrition and Circuit Training and Intervals.

The weather is supposed to be warm this week 22 degr
ees on Monday and 24 degrees on Tuesday.

Running with shorts at the Hospice Run.

Official Result: 8th out of 22
5K in 21 minutes, 10 seconds
Hospice Run 2006

Running For Autism
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Sunday, May 6, 2007

Proudes Shoes 5K Run

Saturday May 5, 2007
"A nice run for all abilities through the streets of Sherwood"

It was 5 degrees cloudly and not windy.

The Proude Shoe 5km Fun Run was the first RoadRunner run I ever ran back in 2004.

Ran best time this year 20:46 and placed 25 out of 101, 10 seconds faster than 2005 on out and back course.

Stanley cheers at last few meters after winning in 15:34 two minutes behind was Samuel Mason.

Top female was Rachael McCarvill at 18:46.

Running on Sunday at Hospice 5K Run in Stratford.

Official Result: 25th out of 101
5K in 20 minutes, 46 seconds
2006 Proudes Shoe Fun Run
2005 Proudes Shoe Fun Run
2004 Proudes Shoe Fun Run

(photo at left by Deborah Mutch)
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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Out and Backs and Pre and Post Run Nutrition

Tuesday May 1

Stanley email a link to Pre and Post Run Nutrition to read before Tuesday. It about alternatives to energy bar, gels, and sports drinks. Maybe I get gummi bears for the next race!

Tuesday night we did five 2.5 minute out and backs on the trail. Weather is nice. I forgot my water bottle on the bench on the trail but Trish got it for me. Stanley and the few people in my Run UPEI group went to the race in New Brunswick on the weekend. I almost did. Maybe next year.

Thursday night we do goal evaluation.

Running For Autism
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Le 15km de GRANDE-DIGUE -- Sorry we missed it

Chaisson top runner from P.E.I.
Several Islanders run in N.B. road race

GRANDE-DIGUE, N.B. – Stanley Chaisson led the Prince Edward Island contingent at Grande-Digue’s 15-kilometre road race Sunday

Chaisson, from Charlottetown (really he’s from Bear River!), placed first in his age category (male 20-29) and second overall in a time of 50 minutes and 36 seconds.

Chaisson and race winner Joel Bourgeois od Grande-Digue (50:15) beat the previous best time for the event.

A total of 205 runners took part in the race.

Islanders finishing in the top 25 were Scott Clark of Summerside (55:35), Tyler Reid of Cornwall (55:48), and Leo McCosham of Charlottetown (58:16)

Other PEI finishers were: Francis Fagan of Charlottetown (1:02:48), Elaine Burkholder of Kensington (1:11:50), Diane Pye of Charlottetown (1:12:31), Kimberley Bailey of Cornwall (1:13:42), Tanya Gregory of Charlottetown (1:13:45), Edna Vloet of Charlottetown (1:14:22), Bethany Lucas of Stratford (1:14:43), Athena Doyle of Charlottetown (1:16:00), Rick West of Charlottetown (1:16:24), Mike Meacher of Charlottetown (1:17:56), Doug MacEachern of Charlottetown (1:19:29), Tricia Proude of Charlottetown (1:19:34), Judy West of Charlottetown (1:19:50), Cheryl Paynter of Charlottetown (1:26:28), Monique Kaye of Charlottetown (1:26:52), Gary Craswell of Charlottetown (1:27:58), Carol Craswell of Charlottetown (1:27:59), Eric Deveau of Souris (1:29:25), Dina DeRoches of Stratford (1:33:27) and Lorrie Bylhouwer of Charlottetown (1:47:08)

We had planned to go to this race. In fact, we had a whole extended weekend in NB planned that centered around visiting my mom, who lives outside Saint John, helping her with some work in the house & yard, shopping with my daughter and had Alex & I leaving early Sunday morning to go to Grande-Digue so Alex could run. My husband would leave later in the day with some furniture in the back of his truck and either meet up with us in Grande-Digue or see us back at home. My daughter would have her choice of who she wanted to return to the Island with.

Then came the weather forecast - rain Friday night, showers Saturday and Sunday. We weren’t concerned with Friday and Saturday so much but the idea of bringing furniture home in the back of an open truck on a three and a half hour drive (minimum) in the rain..... was enough to postpone our visit and cancel our plans.

Alex was not impressed.

Of course it didn’t really shower on Sunday. It drizzled a bit in the morning here and, I’ve heard, it did the same in NB. We could have, should have, gone.

By all accounts the race was a windy, but good time. Next year Sylvio..... next year....

Congratulations Stan on your fabulous finish and to all Islanders for representin’ on the mainland. Sylvio, I hope we see you back on the Island to run in the coming months.

In the media: