Sunday, May 31, 2009

Red Island Relay Results

Results for Red Island Relay 2009


1 Scott Clark    
2 Andrew Pickar
3 Mark Bowlan
4 Dave Clark
5 Mike Connolly
6 Craig Wright
7 Sue Dawson
8 Brad Bissett
9 Ronald Warren

2 Person Team

1 Do 'N: Ryan Desroches & Bill Macdonald 
2 TDisc2 (J&P): John Brioux & Ryan Macphee
3 Shake N Bake: Miguel Arsenault & Jeremy Macdonal
4 TDisc1 (K&G): Kris MacPhee & Greg Garins
5 Fullframe Media: Matt Cormier & Doug Leclair
6 Holland Hurricanes: Kent Sheen & Dave Beaton
7 Rumrunners: D'Arcy Flynn & Richard Cameron
8 Huggan's: Carolyn Huggan & Chris Huggan
9 Pickard Profit: Ashley Pickard & Maria Profit
10 We Love The Pain: Harvey Chandler & Doug Mceachern
11 Blomidon Fitness Connection: Caroline Whitby & Krista Myles
12 All in the Family: Ben Crook-Hanna & Alice Crook
13 Jwo & Tbone: Tracey Gairns-Briou & Jen Neill
14 Flick-McCardle: Jason Flick & Matt Mccarthy
15 Get at me Wolf: Scott MacEwan & Jerad Stretch
16 Pineau & Richard Guys: Barry Richard & David Pineau
17 DeltaWare Destroyers 3: Peter Rinco & Ryan Campbell
18 DeltaWare Destroyers 1: Scott Fisher & Gary Clow
19 DeltaWare Destroyers 2: Husein Alisic & Matthew Wicks
20 One Double Oh Seven: Jackie Beauregard & Jon Macinnis
21 Whyno's: Matt Younker & Emma Rockett
22 The Slowpokes: Matthew Coyle & Adam Profitt
23 Pink Jellies: Joel MacDonald & Nick Buxton
24 Poseurs: Michael Morrow & Rachel Parkins
25 Huffin n Puffin: Naomi Harper & Robin Gallant
26 Crazy Ladies: Pam Sweetapple & Tracey Watts
27 What was I thinking?!?: Ray Murphy & Kerie Murphy
28 Pineau & Richard Girls: Patty Richard & Janet Pineau

6 Person Team

Peter Toombs - Unknown - Unknown - Unknown - Unknown - Unknown
2 Lactic Acid 3:
Shawn McCarthy - Keaghan Rilling - Albert Flavell - Steven Baglole - Dan Mccarthy - Dan Macinnis
3 MHE Engineering:
Jason Lindsay - Devin Harper - Cory Ellis - Steve Rush - Garrett Toole - Justin Ellis
4 The Retreads:
Keith Bulman - Garth Simmons - Alan Thompson - Mark Victor - Shawn Shea - James Baswalt
5 Rural Raiders:
Les MacKay - Shannon Burt - Paul Polger - Gena Riggs - Rob Redmond - Dylan Mullally
6 Team Grapenut:
Rob Livingston - Issac Niely - Kyle Smith - Jeff Mackenzie - Duncan Sturz - Andrew Doiron
7 The Bearded Dragons:
Christopher McKenna - Chris Murphy - Craig Beaton - Patrick Toole - Dan Bartlett - Pete Blanchard
8 The Devil Fish Cat Dogs:
Jamie Holland - Ryan Kelier - Tyler Robb - Michael Ellswor - Mark O'halloran - Colby O'donnell
9 Get Behind the Mule:
P.Jon Hutchinson - Roger Allen - Edwin Gillis - Dan Beaudette - Barry Murray - Joe Kern
10 Vector Aerospace:
Leo Flood - Gerard Macdonal - Jeol Thompson - Rob Cook - Cheryl Tanton - Austin Roberts
11 And Then There Were Three:
Scott Dennis MacKay - Becca Pike - Tim Cooke - Unknown - Unknown - Unknown
12 Confederation Bridge:
Jean Daigle - Stephen Ahearn - Scott Selby - Ellen Mccardle - Nancy Woodingto - Ken Edwards
13 Macho Men:
Kent Ross - Paul Butler - Jason Inman - David Mcmillian - Ray Mcdirmaid - Stweart Darrach
14 Tdisc Superfans:
Maureen Peters - Kim Gill - Kate Flick - Jessica Davidson - Leah Gill - Kelsey Gill
15 :
Jackie Chiasson - Kent Ford - Nancy Morris - Blair Weeks - Shelley Muzika - Sarah Macauley
16 Cogsdale Crushers:
Keir Pollard - Rich Addison - Kevin Clancey - Stephen Gordon - Kevin Clancey - Morgan Payne
17 TBA:
Kerry Doucette - Chad Doucette - Jeff Doucette - Chris Doucette - Jessie Doucette - Evan Sheenan
18 Cogsdale Cobras:
Justin Bennett - Korl Wright - Maureen Kinder - Darcy Murnaghan - Keir Pollard - Todd Gaudin
19 Superstore Joe's:
Lucas Wells - Frances Lund - Lucas Wells - Curtis Mach - Alytta Bekeso - Collin Mckay
20 Team ACOA:
Matt Gillis - Adam Smith - Joahnna Egan - Rachel Desmott - Darlene Pond - David Pond
21 Viceroy Homes:
Gerri Lynn Tierney - Ed Doucette - Micheal Adams - B Byron Andrews - Cindy Doucette - Leo Tierney
22 Breathe Deeply:
Jill MacCormack - Julie Hood - Krista Miller-S - Kerry Sorensen - Ian Macadam - Randy Reardon
23 40 Painted Toes:
Kim Bailey - Sara Deveau - Rachel Leslie - Becky Townshead - Rashel Leslie - Becky Townshead
24 With Sean Wheeler:
Jennifer Kearney - Sean Wheeler - Lori Haley - Robert Matheson - Jamie Mason - Eliot Coles
25 Island EMS:
Marisa Dugal - Mark Creamer - Jeanan Donavan - Mathew Hogan - Sarah Macintosh - Tracy Fall
26 The Angry Turtles:
Carrie Mills - Ellen Klein - Johannah Profit - Mila Profit - Katie Carter - Bridgette Carte
27 Don't Wannabe Last:
Sean Coombs - Dwayne Mcneill - Kelly Davis - Stephane Breau - Dave Carmichael - Browen Breeze
28 Industrial Athletes:
Moe Witzell - Blain Lamey - Tracy Corish - Derek Maccarthy - Stweart Acorn - Cory Barlow
29 The Carnivores:
Devin Krauskopf - Emma - Sue Fitzpatrick - Scott Doyle - Jeff Stwart - Unknown
30 UPEI Women's Soccer:
Mandy Lise McKenna - Laura Gaudet - Gina Lisi - Tessa Roche - Ashely Caulier - Patty Trainor
31 The Herbavores:
Jessica Hutchinson - Aaron Lewis - Eric Coffin - Byron Sawadzski - Soleil Hutchinson - Lindsay Reddin
32 Sizzling Six:
Ferne Profitt - Rosie Banks - Katie Baker - Natalie Clark - Kristine Heer - Aletha Pickerin
33 Team Lam Jam:
Marley Bruce - Josh Vessey - Mrs. Mader - Chris Dalziel - Allyson Sanders - Laura Robinson
34 Justin Credibles:
Sean Power - Katie Walsh - Sarah Mcrae - Justin Saulnier - Pamela Phillips - Tara Power
35 Start Me Up:
Ann Worth - Susan Macdonald - Rebekah Macdonald - Caroly Knox - Michelle Rogers - Michelle Howatt
36 Devine:
Brynn Devine - Kayla Devine - David Harrison - Jacob Dockendor - Mike Devine - Nicholas Macdon
37 Great George Greats:
Sara Hennessey - Becky Bruce - Heather Macaula - Jenna Gotell - Jill Macaulay - Becky Bruce
38 Almost There:
Darlene Harper - Patsy Harper - Mandell Fraser - Wendy Fraser - Bailey Harper - Michaela Fraser
39 South Shore Knockouts:
Stacey Dougay - Sarah Watts - Barbie Mackay-L - Roberta Larsen - Jennifer Mckenz - Lisa Macleod
40 DeltaWare Destroyers:
Mary Cote - Justin Park - Tom Campbell - Scott Eldershaw - Susan Hughes - Donna Macguigan
41 Wild Women:
Jackie Ross - Colleen Taylor - Carolyn Taylor - Charlotte Taylor - Hester Darrach - Lilianne Webster
Congrats All!

Ship to Shore Sunday Long Run & Feast

Run Map

More Photos

Ship to Shore Restaurant & Lounge

It was sunny and 21 degrees. To welcome John Bil back to PEI and celebrate the opening the new restaurant Ship To Shore some runners got together and ran a loop course starting and ending at the Ship To Shore and have lunch. My mom to biked to with us. My dad and my grandmother and my aunt and uncle from Calgary join us for lunch. The seafood was Very Good! I had fish and chips.

Good Luck with you new restaurant John and I hope to go back soon.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

There's no shame in being beaten by Bolt

There's no shame in being beaten by Bolt
Islander gets to race against Olympic champion; Canadian champ not part of event


Canwest News Service

EDMONTON —There is no hope for a fairy-tale finish, since every race amounts to Usain Bolt and the seven dwarfed also-rans.

It doesn’t matter where, when or who provides the opposition.

That’s how the 100-metre field shapes up if the reigning Olympic champ, world-record holder and majestic freak of nature settles his six-foot-five frame into the blocks for a sub-10-second jaunt to the top of the podium.

Tiger Woods once held similar sway over the PGA field. Wayne Gretzky could dominate NHL ice and Michael Jordan the NBA court like that, once upon a time. And that’s surely how the 100 metres will go down at the Festival of Excellence track meet June 11 at the University of Toronto.

But almost any sprinter with a heartbeat wants to be in the field. Beaten by Bolt is practically a badge of honour. Beaten by Bolt is the rarest of opportunities because the challengers, for lack of a more apt description, know two things for certain. They will not win, but when the gun goes off, the big man from Jamaica will pull the field along with him quickly enough to provoke personal bests, even in lopsided defeat.

Jared Connaughton of New Haven, P.E.I., and Toronto’s Anson Henry are the lucky Canadian content in a field that will be beaten by Bolt on June 11. Also lining up as fleet-footed fodder are Americans Shawn Crawford, Bernard Williams and Ivory Williams, and Jamaicans Marvin Anderson and Mario Forsythe.

“He might be the best sprinter who ever lived,” Henry said of Bolt. “Anybody trying to get better wants to run with the best, to see how you compare. The hype is going to be so big that there will be good energy for the race. It’s going to be good for all of us.”

How good? Well, the two-year-old track surface is Polytan, on which Asafa Powell and Tim Montgomery set previous world records. As mentioned, Bolt will be leading the charge to the finish line. Right now, Henry’s PB is 10.12, but it might not last the night.

“If I could get into the 10.0s I’d be cool with that,” Henry said, while shrugging off the notion he’s lucky to be in the field.

“I’ve been in a lot of big races in my career. The good thing about this race is it’s in my hometown and it will bring a lot of attention to the sport.”

Edmonton-based sprinter Pierre Browne thought he would have a chance to share in the spectacle. Rightly so, since meet organizers were adamant about putting Canadians in each event and Browne is the reigning national champ at the distance, having beaten Connaughton and Henry last summer at the University of Windsor with a stadium-record time of 10.19 seconds. Henry was third and Connaughton fifth that day.

Browne and coach Derek Evely were confident enough of Browne’s inclusion that they planned the approach to this summer’s title defence at the Canadian championships around the Toronto race.

“For Pierre, it was the keystone of our entire preparation for nationals. That was key,” Evely said Friday. “You’re running against Usain Bolt. It’s a high-quality race and that’s what we look for.

“While I applaud the meet organizers in Toronto for putting it together, it’s too bad Pierre got hooped on it. They came to us and asked us if Pierre was interested, based on the fact Pierre is the Canadian champ, he ran the final leg of the relay against Bolt at the Olympics and he’s from Toronto. From a marketing perspective there is not a single guy in the country who should be in that race ahead of Pierre.

“He was on the list. Somehow he was removed and Jared and Anson were put in there. They came back to me (Thursday) and said, ‘We’re sorry.’ Jared should be in there, no doubt. The other Canadian should clearly be Pierre. They were very good about it and there are no hard feelings, but in the end he gets screwed.”

That is certainly how it feels.

“It’s a pretty big disappointment,” said Browne. “Competing in Toronto against the fastest guy in the world would have been a great opportunity. It’s out of my control. I did what I can do. I’m the Canadian champion. I won last year in a decent time.”

Meet organizers knew how controversial the picks could be, so they set up a selection committee and started with an initial list of 35 men; five times the number they needed to flesh out the field.

“There were about four or five Canadians on the list and we narrowed it down to two,” said meet director Carl Georgevski, who insisted Browne was never officially in the race and therefore could not have been removed.

“For whatever reason, we felt Anson Henry and Jared Connaughton would be the best candidates. We’re human in this environment. If it was a mistake, it was a mistake.”

The committee’s reasoning apparently was based on Browne’s relative inactivity this season.

“It’s a weak approach,” Browne said. “I don’t think it’s a fair situation.”

With only two lanes devoted to Canadians, this story wasn’t going to end happily ever after for a handful of hopefuls. That one of them is the national champ seems ludicrous.

(Edmonton Journal)

Friday, May 29, 2009

Running for a good reason

Running for a good reason

The Guardian

The second annual Luke McIver Relay for Parkinson’s will take place on Saturday, Aug. 8, and this year it will consist of many runners.

In August 2008, the young man from Kinkora ran 250 kilometres in four days.

He harnessed his energy, enthusiasm and love of running for the cause of Parkinson’s, as all of the money raised was donated to this cause. He accomplished his run in honour of his grandmother, who is living with Parkinson’s, and his grandfather, who died with the disease.

Maureen Larkin, president of the Charlottetown support group, says they plan to repeat the ‘Tip to Tip Run’ in a different format this year.

“We want to get more people involved and use the event not only to raise funds, but also awareness of the situation of Parkinson’s in P.E.I.,” she said.

Participants will enter the Relay for Parkinson’s as a team, which will consist of a minimum of six people. The route, from Souris to Tignish, will be divided into 20-km legs.

Teams will run and/or walk one leg of the relay. Each member of the team may run or walk the entire 20 kms, or they may divide it up. Either way, every bit of the route from Souris to Tignish will be ran or walked by a participant.

The planning committee will identify 10 or 12 starting points and all the teams will start at the same time.
Larkin said they plan to have a minimum of 20 teams.

McIver himself plans to enter a team, but he will also join some of the other teams during the day. All the runners/walkers will be invited to celebrate the event with a barbecue in Charlottetown at the end of the day.

Participants are asked to set a goal of $750 per team. This means each member of the team will raise a minimum of $125. There is no registration fee and each participant will receive a free T-shirt. There will also be prizes for various goals reached, such as the best time, the most money raised, etc.

Approximately 8,400 people across the Maritimes have Parkinson’s.

Of all the neurological diseases, Parkinson’s disease has the highest incidence.

More people are diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease than ALS, MS, MD, AIDS, leukemia, and ovarian cancer combined.

To participate in the relay people must register their team at the Parkinson’s office located at the Volunteer Resource Centre, 81 Prince St., 8:30-4p.m. Pledge sheets can be picked up there or from any member of the planning team.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Islanders on the Run - This Weekend in Cape Breton and Ottawa

11th Place KAHLUA KIDS 22:31:08

01:25:47 Diane Boswell - 17K - Leg 1 - Placed in Leg: 38th
01:23:37 Pam Power-Mckenna - 17.92K - Leg 2 - Placed in Leg: 18th
01:06:20 Pam Campbell - 13.46K - Leg 3 - Placed in Leg: 17th
01:24:50 Chris Matters - 20.01K - Leg 4 - Placed in Leg: 11th
01:19:52 Corina Hughes - 17.5K - Leg 5 - Placed in Leg: 14th
01:28:20 Nancy Morris - 17.5K - Leg 6 - Placed in Leg: 28th
00:44:41 Stanley Chiasson - 13.1K - Leg 7 - Placed in Leg: 1st
***New record. Old record 46:46 by Kevin Gray in 2001***
00:51:22 Greg Arsneault - 12.36K - Leg 8 - Placed in Leg: 6th
01:33:21 Doug MacEachern - 17.84K - Leg 9 - Placed in Leg: 39th
01:09:29 David Forsythe - 14.7K - Leg 10 - Placed in Leg: 11th
01:20:35 Francis Fagan - 14K - Leg 11 - Placed in Leg: 52nd
01:29:13 Donnie Walsh - 15.78K - Leg 12 - Placed in Leg: 54th
01:27:49 Bev Walsh - 15.88K - Leg 13 - Placed in Leg: 24th
01:45:52 Cheryl Paynter - 19.81K - Leg 14 - Placed in Leg: 40th
01:31:55 Loretta Van Ekris - 15.42K - Leg 15 - Placed in Leg: 55th
01:00:27 Bill MacDonald - 15.35K - Leg 16 - Placed in Leg: 7th
01:27:38 John Van Ekris - 18.7K - Leg 17 - Placed in Leg: 32nd

567(Place) MICHAEL IRVINE Summerside 3:31:52 499(Gender Place) 32(Category Place)
1235(Place) JOSEPH MURPHY Charlottetown 3:52:50 1001(Gender Place) 47(Category Place)
2454(Place) DIANNE PYE Charlottetown 4:32:15 700(Gender Place) 48(Category Place)
1520(Place) ELAINE BURKHOLDER Kensington 4:01:27 324(Gender Place) 11(Category Place)

5790(Place)ROSE MURPHY-CHEVERIE 2:15:26.2 2659/5192(Gender Place) 143/425(Category Place)
Congrats Everyone!
Hope we'll be back in Cape Breton next year...

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Legs for Literacy Run

It was sunny and 9 degrees.

The Legs for Literacy Run at Glen Stewart Elementary in Stratford.

The 10km loop course on Stratford and Cotton Park and hill and trail.

Keaghan Rilling won the race and Kristy Newson for the top female.

I finished in 46 minutes and came in 14th out of 42 runners.

Tyler Sellar won the 5km race and Susan Beaton-Trainor for the top female.

There were kids in 1km fun run and BBQ afterwords.

Official Result: 14th out of 42
10K in 46 minutes

More Photos
Running For Autism
Not Against It
acceptance not cure

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

This Saturday's Race - The new Legs for Literacy Run

Legs for Literacy Run
5K & 10K Run, and 1K Fun Run
Saturday May 23, 2009

Starting Time: 9:30 a.m.
Registration: 8:30 a.m. (race day) at Glen Stewart School, or contact race directors for
pre-registration starting May 15, 2009
Fee: $10 RoadRunner Members, $11 non-members, free for students under 16.
Post race BBQ for $1.
Fundraiser: Glen Stewart Elementary Literacy Lab
Contact: Jan Rankin 902-368-5182
Kim Bailey 902-368-9019
Course Description: 1K Fun Run - around Glen Stewart Elementary School 5 K & 10K Runs -
start at the school and run through the residential streets of Cotton Park and Stratford and return to the school.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Islanders in top 10 at Blue Nose; records set at Rural Raider Run

The Guardian
Nicholson, Clark end up in top 10 at Blue Nose marathon

HALIFAX — A pair of Prince Edward Island runners finished in the top 10 of the Scotiabank Blue Nose Marathon in Halifax on the weekend.
Jen Nicholson of Cornwall was the top women’s finisher, ending up in eight place with a time of 3:00:07. It was Nicholson’s first appearance at the marathon while it was Clark’s sixth.
Summerside’s Scott Clark placed third in 2:49:24. A veteran of all six Blue Nose runs, he has been on the podium for the past three runs after placing second in 2007 and 2008.
Clark said there was no catching the eventual winner, Scotsburn’s David MacLennan, who has won the race four times. His winning time was in 2:36:05.
“We saw him for the first 12 kilometres,” Clark told The Chronicle Herald newspaper. “He always goes out fast and we didn’t really know what kind of shape he was in today. When he took off, he didn’t fail. He was in shape, he was ready.”
Charlottetown’s Dave Gallant won the 20-29 age category.

Full Marathon

3 - 2:49:24.6 - CLARK, SCOTT - SUMMERSIDE - 3/176
8 - 3:00:09.1 - NICHOLSON, JEN - CORNWALL - 1/109
13 - 3:10:16.6 - GALLANT, DAVID - CHARLOTTETOWN - 12/176
46 - 3:32:24.0 - MORRIS, NANCY - CHARLOTTETOWN - 9/109
87 - 3:50:00.5 - WALSH, BEVERLEY - CHARLOTTETOWN - 19/109
95 - 3:54:05.1 - BAILEY, KIMBERLEY - CORNWALL - 22/109
135 - 4:03:15.4 - CONNOLLY, MIKE - CRAPAUD - 99/176

Half Marathon

137 - JAMIE MUTCH - CHARLOTTETOWN - 1:37:21.6 - 22/174
184 - JULES AUCOIN - SUMMERSIDE - 1:42:49.7 - 31/174
411 - GEORGE MUTCH - CHARLOTTETOWN - 1:49:08.6 - 78/174
403 - MIKE MURRINS - CHARLOTTETOWN - 1:49:11.1 - 39/124
836 - DONNIE WALSH - CHARLOTTETOWN - 2:02:10.3 - 70/208


221 - BETH ELLEN BROWN - CHARLOTTETOWN - 49:54.8 - 19/308
271 - LIZ CASEY - CHARLOTTETOWN - 50:44.4 - 17/279
598 - BRIA BROWN - CHARLOTTETOWN - 56:58.7 - 61/308
600 - SHANE CARR - YORK - 56:58.4 - 38/963
601 - PAT MCINTYRE - CHARLOTTETOWN - 56:58.1 - 98/194
1081 - LORI HALEY - CHARLOTTETOWN - 1:02:31.7 - 162/308
1158 - CLAIRE CASELEY SMITH - KENSINGTON - 1:03:42.5 - 185/399
1367 - MICHELLE CAMPBELL - SUMMERSIDE - 1:07:18.7 - 251/399
1368 - SHELLY SAULNIER - KENSINGTON - 1:07:18.8 - 252/399

Chaisson burns up Rural Raider Run course

New course records were set for the 10 and 5 km runs in the fourth annual Rural Raider Run in Charlottetown on the weekend.
Stanley Chaisson knocked off almost one minute from his previous course record by running the 10-km hilly route in 32 minutes, one second. Steven Baglole finished second in 35:26 with third place going to Keaghan Rilling in 35:53. Top female was Kristy Newson in 40:44.
Tyler Sellar won the 5-km by setting a new course record of 17:28. Peter Gaudet finished second in 18:13 with third-place finisher Blake Caissie ending up with in a time of 18:29. Top female in the 5 km run was Britt Caissie in 19:04.
Full results can be found at

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Rural Raider Run for Healthy Eating

It was sunny and 13 degrees.

The new point race of the season at Rural Raider Run for Healthy Eating Alliance.

The loop course on UPEI and Sherwood.

Stanley Chaisson won the race and set a course and PB time of 32:01 and Kristy Newson for the top female.

I finished in 43:07 and came in 17th out of 43 runners.

Tyler Sellar won the 5km and set the course record of 17:28 and Britt Caissie for the top female.

Good Luck to everybody running the Blue Nose today!

Official Result: 17th out of 43
10K in 43 minutes, 7 seconds

More Photos

2008 Rural Raiders Run
2007 Rural Raiders Run
2006 Rural Raiders Run

Running For Autism
Not Against It
acceptance not cure

Friday, May 15, 2009

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

This Saturday's Race - Rural Raiders Run for Healthy Eating

Rural Raider Run for Healthy Eating
(Points Race for 10K)

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Start Time: 9:30 am
Registration: 8:30 am Charlottetown Rural High School
Sponsor: Great Canadian Bagel
Fundraiser: Rural Healthy Eating Committee
Contact: Les MacKay 892-9869 or 368-6905
5K Map
10K Map
Course Description: 1K uphill and then fairly flat

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

McGuire captures five-mile run

McGuire captures five-mile run

The Journal Pioneer

LINKLETTER — Summerside’s Connor McGuire was the first to cross the finish line in the Clark’s Toyota Five-Mile Road Race here recently.
McGuire, who’s only been running competitively for little over a year, placed 10th in last year’s race. He posted a time this year of 27:23. Mike MacKinnon of Miscouche posted the second-best time of 28:51.
“I started out pretty quick, a bit too quick I think,” said McGuire, a 17-year-old Three Oaks Senior High School senior. “When I hit the trail . . . my pace just slowed a little bit and it was definitely tough. The gravel is hard for traction.
“I hit the dirt road and picked up the pace a bit and the last two kilometers I went pretty quick.”
McGuire was somewhat disappointed with his time.
“For a 10K, this was slow, a little bit slow to my 10K pace.”
But, he added, conditions were almost perfect.
“The wind was great on the way there and on the way back but it was definitely hot,” said McGuire. “It definitely took something out of you.”
He had a healthy lead over the next runner.
“I like when someone’s ahead of me. I like to keep up with them and keep their pace,” said McGuire. “It’s definitely tough when you’re out front because you have to set your own pace pretty much.”
Rebecca Pike of Pennsylvania, a student at UPEI, was the top female runner with a time of 34:18.
It’s the fifth year for the race, organized by local runner Scott Clark.
“This is probably the best weather we’ve had for it,” Clark said of the sunny skies, warm temperatures and light wind. “Today has been the best turnout ever.”
A total of 73 runners took part in the P.E.I. Roadrunners Club points’ race.
“There were a lot of first-timers out here today as well,” said Clark. “The distance is good that they’re not too intimidated.
“It’s five miles, which is a very doable distance. I think a lot of people enjoy the course that we have. It’s very flat. It’s off the road a bit. It’s on the Confederation Trail. It’s on the Kinsmen Road, the dirt road.”
The $10 registration fee goes to the Children’s Wish Foundation.
“I guess that was always a charity that I felt compelled to raise some money for,” added Clark. “I got involved with it with the Run 4 Wishes when they started on the Island a number of years ago.
“I figured I would try and do my little part to help the best that I can and raise what we can and create awareness.”

Monday, May 11, 2009

Tour de PEI ready to take to the streets

Tour de PEI ready to take to the streets
The Journal Pioneer

The 2009 edition of Tour de PEI, presented by Scotiabank, is gearing up to be one of the best events yet.
One hundred of the World’s top female cyclists will descend on the Island June 7 to 11 for a five-day, five-stage race across some of the most scenic but challenging terrain Prince Edward Island has to offer.
Crowd favourite, Rochelle Gilmore, will be back with a new team, Belgium’s Lotto Belisol, in pursuit of the yellow jersey that has thus far eluded her at Tour de PEI. Challenging her every move will be the German National Team, South Africa’s MTN Energade, and former team, Menikini (presently Selle-Italia Ghezzi), who will be looking to sweep the podium once again.
Elite cyclists won’t be the only riders taking to the roads of Prince Edward Island during this year's Tour. The Tour de PEI Organization, in conjunction with Cycling PEI, is offering amateur athletes several opportunities to take part in the 2009 event:
Time Trial and Road Race- Kensington will come to life on Saturday, June 6, with two scheduled amateur events: an 11 KM time trial beginning at 10 a.m., and a 33.6km Road Race beginning at 1:30 p.m.
Criterium - Ride like the pros on Sunday, June 7, in this time plus one lap criterium race around Summerside that starts/finishes in the same location as the elite race! The event is scheduled to get underway at 12 p.m., just prior to Stage 1 of Tour de PEI.
Two free events are also planned for the final day of the race, Thursday, June 11, in Charlottetown. Children in grades 1 to 6 will once again have the opportunity to race on the professional criterium route at 4 p.m. in front of thousands of spectators. Pre-registration is required and forms may be picked up at the Confederation Bridge office on Queen Street until June 1. After the final awards ceremony at 7 p.m., join thousands of spectators on the steps of the Confederation Centre of the Arts to celebrate the Tour and kick start the Confederation Bridge Concert Series with P.E.I.’s own, Rawlins Cross.

For more information, visit our website at:

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Islanders on the Run - Today in Fredericton and Mississauga

3(Place) Mark McCosham - Charlottetown - 3/32(Div. Place) - 2:55:11*
29(Place) John Van Ekris - Charlottetown - 14/32(Div. Place) - 3:31:58
33(Place) Pam Power-Mckenna - Charlottetown - 1/10(Div. Place) - 3:34:47*
43(Place) Don Stephens - Stratford - 7/21(Div. Place) - 3:42:02*
61(Place) Isaac Neily - Charlottetown - 6/10(Div. Place) - 3:52:36
66(Place) Maureen Leard - Cornwall - 6/17(Div. Place) - 3:56:48*
84(Place) Dianne Pye - Charlottetown - 3/10(Div. Place) - 4:11:30
98(Place) Kim Critchley - Charlottetown - 7/10(Div. Place) - 4:19:21
121(Place) Kelly MacDonald - Souris - 13/17(Div. Place) - 4:38:23
122(Place) Edna Miller - St. Peters - 14/17(Div. Place) - 4:38:23
123(Place) Danielle Mill - Souris - 15/17(Div. Place) - 4:38:23
129(Place) Allan Callard - Mermaid - 7/8(Div. Place) - 4:54:43
135(Place) Francis Fagan - Charlottetown - 21/21(Div. Place) - 1:38:51(split) (DNF?)
* Boston Qualifier

13(Place) Gary Simmonds - Morell - 1/39(Div. Place) - 1:31:08
108(Place) Amanda Simmonds - Morell - 9/40(Div. Place) - 1:49:24
183(Place) Eileen Bain - Charlottetown - 10/36(Div. Place) - 1:59:03
218(Place) Wayne Gaudet - Kensington - 27/39(Div. Place) - 2:03:26
237(Place) Mill Kent - Pleasant Grove - 32/37(Div. Place) - 2:05:06
264(Place) Rose Murphy Cheverie - Charlottetown(Div. Place) - 2:08:04
265(Place) Catherine Vaniderstine - Stratford - 35/62(Div. Place) - 2:08:04
292(Place) Maggie Evoy - Charlottetown - 31/40(Div. Place) - 2:11:57
310(Place) Donald Neily - Charlottetown - 63/68(Div. Place) - 2:14:17
339(Place) Linda Callard - Mermaid - 1/1(Div. Place) - 2:19:00

196(Place) Rose Mayne - Charlottetown - 10/16(Div. Place) - 1:06:52

65(Place) Noella Gaudet - Kensington - 4/10(Div. Place) - 33:53

Mississauga Marathon

1413 Participants
164(Place) PAUL DALTON - St. Edward - 3:25:39.3(Time) - 14/114(Div. Place)
184(Place) JENNIFER NICKERSON - Charlottetown - 3:27:53.3(Time) - 10/89(Div. Place) *
527(Place) PAULETTE DALTON - Toronto - 3.53:11:8(Time) - 21/80(Div. Place)
708(Place) PAM CAMPBELL - Charlottetown - 3:56:15.0(Time) - 32/80(Div. Place)
4408 Participants
1520(Place) CHERYL PAYNTER - Charlottetown - 1:56:23.2(Time) - 96/430(Div. Place)
2691(Place) MONIQUE KAYE - Charlottetown - 2:07:47.7(Time) - 68/218(Div. Place)
3151(Place) DINA DESROCHES - Stratford - 2:14:41.1(Time) - 211/364(Div. Place)

Congrats all!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Clark's Toyota 5 Miler

It was Sunny and 12 degrees.

The Clark's Toyota 5 Miler in Linkletter run on road and trail starting and ending at Scott Clark's house.

It was 5th annual event from 2005.

Connor McGuire won the race and set a course record and Rebecca Pike for the top female.

I finished in 36:26 and came in 16th out of 72 runners.

Next weekend My parents celebrate silver anniversary married 25 years on May 15 and and on Sunday there going see John Fogerty in concert in Summerside.

Official Result: 16th out of 72
5 Miles (8Km) in 36 minutes, 26 seconds

Clark's 5 Miler 2005
Clark's 5 Miler 2006
Clark's 5 Miler 2007
Clark's 5 Miler 2008

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Thursday, May 7, 2009

This Saturday's Race - Clarke's Toyota 5 Miler

Clark's Toyota 5 Miler
(Points Race)
Saturday, May 9, 2009

Start Time: 9:30 am
Registration: 8:45 am 1667 Linkletter Rd. - 1K west of Summerside Golf Course on Rte. 11 (Find it here)
Fee: $10
Fundraiser: Children's Wish Foundation
Contact: Scott Clark 888-2961 or 436-5800
Course Description: Flat looped course run partially on the Linkletter Rd., Confederation Trail and the
Kinsmen Rd (dirt road). A perfect distance for runners of all abilities. Lots of prizes and refreshments. A
great run to help kick-start your running season and help support a very worthwhile
Course Map

Sunday, May 3, 2009

CBI Island Physiotherapy Food Drive Fun Run

It was sunny and 9 degrees.

The first ever CBI Island Physiotherapy Food Drive Fun Run in downtown Charlottetown.

The 5km loop course on Old Charlottetown and Victoria Park.

Andrew Pickard won the 10km race and Rebecca Pike for the top female.
I finished in 45:08 and came in 3rd out of 9 runners.
Scott Stewart won the 5km race and Jo-Anne Shea for the top female.

Nancy Morris caught me at 7km and passes me then I passed her more than 1km to finish.

Next week some Islanders at Fredericton Marathon. Good Luck!

Next Saturday I meet at Clark Toyota 5 miler

Official Result: 3rd out of 9
10K in 45 minutes, 8 seconds

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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Proudes Shoes 5K 2009

It was cloudy and rain and 11 degrees.

The 6th time I ran the Proudes Shoes 5km. The Proudes Shoes 5K was the first PEI RoadRunner Race I ever ran in 2004.

Connor McGuire won the race and a fast time of 16:19 and Britt Caissie for the top female.

I finished in 20:50 and came in 21st out of 83 runners.

Tomorrow I run the 10km at Polyclinic downtown Charlottetown.

Thank You Leo and Scott for the posters from Boston and Big Sur!

More Photos

Official Result: 21st out of 83
5K in 20 minutes, 50 seconds
Proudes Shoes 2007
Proudes Shoes 2006
Proudes Shoes 2005
Proudes Shoes 2004

Running For Autism
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