Sunday, May 17, 2009

Rural Raider Run for Healthy Eating

It was sunny and 13 degrees.

The new point race of the season at Rural Raider Run for Healthy Eating Alliance.

The loop course on UPEI and Sherwood.

Stanley Chaisson won the race and set a course and PB time of 32:01 and Kristy Newson for the top female.

I finished in 43:07 and came in 17th out of 43 runners.

Tyler Sellar won the 5km and set the course record of 17:28 and Britt Caissie for the top female.

Good Luck to everybody running the Blue Nose today!

Official Result: 17th out of 43
10K in 43 minutes, 7 seconds

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Adair said...

Nice run Alex!! Keep up the good work. We're reading about you here in Michigan.