Saturday, June 26, 2010

Another hot, sunny Fulton Campbell Memorial Run

It was sunny and 21 degrees.

The Fulton Campbell Memorial Run at Montague. The course on schools, countryside, Bells Hill and Montague.

David Gallant won the half marathon and Rebecca Pike for the top female.

Mark Cullen won the 5km race and Ellen Sherren for the top female.

I finished in 1:51:05 and came in 29th out of 75 runners.

On Canada Day I'll be in the parade in North Rustico as an Olympic torchbearer.

Official Result: 29th out of 75
Half-Marathon in 1 hour, 56 minutes, 5 seconds

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They have a new card at work.

I really like my job. I do lots of different things.

I like stocking shelves with all the different soaps. I cut a lot of soap.

I put the signs out every morning.

I like the goats, especially the babies.

Friday, June 25, 2010

This weekend's races - The Fulton Campbell & The Bennie Bernard Memorial Runs

Fulton Campbell Memorial Run
Half Marathon and 5K

(Half Marathon is a Points Race)
Saturday, June 26, 2010

Start Time: 9:00 am
Registration: 8:00 am at Montague Consolidated School, Princess Drive, Montague
Fee: $10 for 5K, $20 for Half Marathon, free for kids under 16
Sponsor: Stewart McKelvey
Fundraiser: Local children with special needs
Contact: Kim Bailey - 368-9019
Course Description: The Half Marathon starts at MCS and proceeds through a residential area. The run then goes along the Montague River, towards Knox's Dam. Onto Queens Rd and then Union, the race become more rural. Take a right hand turn onto Rte #3 which will take you to Pooles Corner, hang a right onto Rte 4 . Bells Hill is just ahead! The race continues straight into Montague, at the intersection turn right onto Queen's Road, continue and then turn left at Princess Dr. Back at the School. The 5K race finishes on the Union Rd. Hilly, challenging...a little something for everyone!! Scenic and hilly
Course Map
Other Notes: The Half marathon is a Points Race. The 5K run is not a Points Race. Neat entrance gifts, post race BBQ with all the trimmings, door prizes drawn. Great value for your dollar.

6th Annual Bennie Bernard Memorial
6K Run/Walk & 3K Kids Run (10 & under)
Sunday, June 27, 2010

Start Time: 1:30 pm
Registration: 12:00 pm at the Palmer Road Church
Fee: $5.00
Fundraiser: Parish Fundraiser
Contact: Randy Allain 882-3467
Course Description: Out and back on Route 155, Thompson Road, Palmer Road. Nice run and event for all family members
Other Notes: The 3K kids run is a 1.5K out and back with safety for all participants the #1 priority of the organizers.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

MacKinnon wins Johnny Miles Marathon

MacKinnon wins Johnny Miles Marathon

Mike MacKinnon of Miscouche took over the lead with  eight kilometres to go and won the Johnny Miles Marathon in New Glasgow,  N.S., on Sunday. Jason Simmonds/Journal Pioneer

Mike MacKinnon of Miscouche took over the lead with eight kilometres to go and won the Johnny Miles Marathon in New Glasgow, N.S., on Sunday. Jason Simmonds/Journal Pioneer


NEW GLASGOW, N.S. - At about the 30-kilometre mark, local running hero Dave MacLennan was in the lead by over a minute.

Somewhere between there and the finish line, things took a turn.

The winner of this year's Johnny Miles Marathon was second-time participant Mike MacKinnon of Miscouche. He finished with a time of two hours 52 minutes and 37 seconds (2:52:37).

"It always feels good to win, but it's a matter of who shows up," MacKinnon said.

MacKinnon was able to overtake MacLennan for the win with eight kilometres remaining.

"The last lap just totally fell apart today," MacLennan said. "It was windy and very warm heading out toward Stellarton."

MacKinnon agreed on that part.

"There was a really strong headwind going down the street," he said.

Event organizer Terry Curley said that because of the humidity and wind, it wasn't ideal for a marathon.

"It's the wind that really kills you," he said.

New Glasgow News

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Islanders on the Run - This weekend at The Johnny Miles

Full Marathon

1(Place) - Mike MacKinnon - 2:52:37*
10(Place) - Mark McCosham - 3:19:46*
12(Place) - Manny Costain - 3:24:04
13(Place) - David Forsythe - 3:26:57*
16(Place) - Ken Taylor - 3:33:07
18(Place) - Francis Fagan - 3:34:23*
43(Place) - Michael Roberts - 4:03:19
46(Place) - Franklin MacDonald - 4:08:32
55(Place) - Bev Walsh - 4:14:34
57(Place) - Brenda Benson - 4:15:42
62(Place) - Elaine Burkholder - 4:17:58
69(Place) - Dave Clark - 4:27:48
73(Place) - David MacNeil - 4:34:01
85(Place) - Paul Chessman - 4:45:11
89(Place) - Dianne Watts-Pye - 4:54:47
94(Place) - Elaine Chessman - 5:05:08


4(Place) - Scott Clark - 1:20:20
124(Place) - Matthew Gill - 1:51:25
134(Place) - Maureen Leard - 1:53:00
169(Place) - Peggy MacDonald - 1:56:27
182(Place) - Carolyn Rowe- Turner - 1:57:44
196(Place) - Jennifer Davison - 1:58:01
198(Place) - Rob Jameson - 1:59:23
215(Place) - Mike Murrins - 1:59:20
230(Place) - Donnie Walsh - 2:02:32
244(Place) - Tracey Clements - 2:01:27
265(Place) - Bertha Campbell - 2:04:46
266(Place) - Katy Baker - 2:05:26
???(Place) - Cathy Vaniderstine - 2:05:41
292(Place) - Amanda Maida - 2:08:06
315(Place) - Rose Murphy Cheverie - 2:11:45
329(Place) - Courtney Hughes - 2:12:25
330(Place) - Debby Hughes - 2:12:26
335(Place) - Kelly MacWilliams - 2:11:41
356(Place) - Reta Holland - 2:14:39
374(Place) - Kyla Doucette - 2:16:48
432(Place) - Rosie Banks - 2:31:37


4(Place) - Connor McGuire - 35:22
39(Place) - Troy Clements - 45:19
127(Place) - Alexis Clements - 52:57
149(Place) - Eric Deveau - 54:43


215(Place) - Cheryl Cannon - 33:04

Congrats All !

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Yesterday's Mail

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Deltaware 5K - 1 second over my PB

It was sun and cloud and 15 degrees.

The Deltaware 5km at Atlantic Technology Center. The loop course on Victoria Park and Old Charlottetown.

Keaghan Rilling won the race and Kara Grant for the top female.

I finished in 19:08 and came in 10th out of 222 runners. It was mere second off my 5km PB.

Next Saturday I run the half marathon at Fulton Campbell Memorial Run in Montague.

Good Luck to PEI runners at Johnny Miles.

Official Result: 10th out of 222
5K in 19 minutes, 8 seconds

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

This Saturday's Race - The DeltaWare Systems Inc. 5K Run

DeltaWare Systems Inc. 5K Run
Points Race
Saturday, June 19, 2010

Start Time: 9:00 am
Registration: 8:00 am at the Atlantic Technology Centre, Fitzroy St.
Fee: $10.00
Sponsor: DeltaWare Systems Inc. / East Coast Cresting
Fundraiser: Island Hospice Association
Contact: Allana Cameron 628-4624
Sarah Zakem 368-8122
Course Description: A nice run for all abilities through the streets of Charlottetown
Course Map
Facebook Page

Siblings rule in PEISAA track and field

Siblings rule in PEISAA track and field
The Guardian

Spencer and Bailey Smith have a lot in common.
First, they’re siblings and live in Tracadie with parents Darren and Kathy Smith.
Second, both are P.E.I. School Athletic Association provincial track and field champs after last week’s provincials at UPEI Alumni Canada Games Place in Charlottetown.
Spencer, 18, won the senior men’s 400 metres in the new record time of 52:39, earned 200 metres gold in 24:00 and his Morell Regional High School squad finished second in the 4x400-metre men’s relay.
But breaking Dave (Eli) MacEachern’s 24-year-old PEISAA 400 metres record of 53:00 set in 1986 when the Olympic gold medalist was a Colonel Gray student had Smith’s attention, at least until the starters gun.
“I was running for a record,” said Smith. “But, when I was running not really thinking about it. Didn’t think about it until after. While I’m running I try not to think about that the stuff too much.”
Bailey, 13, took first-place ribbons in bantam girls 100-metres, 200-metres and high jump.
“Just a good day,” said Bailey, a Grade 8 student at Mount Stewart consolidated. “I’m pretty pleased. It was raining (a bit) during the 100 and 200. I could have run faster in one of them.” Her personal-best 100 metres time is 13:06.
And third, Spencer and Bailey train with Colin MacAdam, coach of the 2009 P.E.I. Canada Games athletics squad.
Spencer was member of that team and finished 15th in the 400 metres, his best time a 50:72 time in the 400 metres. His personal 400-metre best is 50:60 and at the provincials was coming off a hamstring injury suffered about a month ago.
“Not too bad a time (for the record) considering the conditioning I didn’t get,” said Spencer.
Either way, it’s new record and said MacEachern, who won Olympic two-man bobsleigh gold in 1998 in Nagano, Japan, it’s about time.
“I’m pretty surprised it lasted 24 years,” said MacEachern, who lives in Charlottetown.
MacEachern set his PEISAA record on dirt. Spencer set his on the new, state-of-the-art track, one MacEachern considers the third or fourth fastest in Canada.
“There are a lot of records that will be broken. Technology is going to change the sport,” he said.
Next for the siblings is possibly a summer of racing. Bailey might compete in age-appropriate events if her times qualify while Spencer is set to run at the 2010 Canadian junior championships and world junior trials next month in Moncton, N.B.
He’s set to attend Holland College in September, enrolled in the sport and leisure management program.
“I owe a lot of thanks to my coach,” said Spencer. “I ran a good race, but a lot goes to him and the work he put in.”
The Smith’s cousin, Kennedy Laybolt, a Grade 9 student at East Wiltshire school, finished first in the 4x400 midget girls relay, second in the 400 metres and second in the 800 metres. Laybolt trains with MacAdam, too.

How They Did
Spencer Smith and sister Bailey Smith’s results from the recent PEISAA track and field championships:
- Spencer: Senior, 200-metres: first, 24.00 seconds, Morell regional; 400 metres: first, 52:39 (set new PEISAA record); 4x400-metre relay: second, 4:02:16, Morell regional C.
- Bailey: Bantam, 100 metres: first, 13:13 seconds, Mount Stewart consolidated; 200 metres: first, time not available; high jump: first, 1.35 metres.

Getting in gear

Click on article to enlarge & read

Robbie Burt with GEAR's tandem bikes

Saturday, June 12, 2010

PEI Parks Trail Run

It was sunny and 16 degrees. The PEI Parks Trail Run at Milton.

The out and back course on Confederation Trail.

David Gallant won the race and Rebecca Pike for the top female.

I finished in 43:20 and came in 12th out of 92 runners.

Next Saturday I run at Deltaware 5km in Charlottetown.

Official Result
: 12th out of 92
10K in 43 minutes, 20 seconds

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PEI Parks Trail Run 2009
PEI Parks Trail Run 2008
PEI Parks Trail Run 2007
PEI Parks Trail Run 2005
PEI Parks Trail Run 2004

PEI Parks Trail Run Photos (2004-2010)

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Monday, June 7, 2010

Congratulations Asia on Race #100!!

Congratulations Asia on race #100!

Photo Credit: Adair Renning

Milan woman overcomes health obstacles on road

to running success

By: Pamela Gossiaux
Freelance reporter


Adair Renning, left, gives her daughter Asia words of encouragement at Running Fit Saturday morning before Asia headed out for a training run. Lon Horwedel |

Asia Renning has hardly missed a day of running in 11 years.

The 28-year-old Milan woman is running in her 100th race since high school on Sunday, when she’ll participate in the Dexter-Ann Arbor Run, a half-marathon. In 1996, she served as Olympic torchbearer when she carried the torch through Detroit.

Her achievements are even more remarkable considering the many health hurdles she has overcome since being adopted by Adair and Jerry Renning.

As a baby, Renning was in a Korean orphanage and due to her many medical problems was deemed unsuitable for adoption. The Rennings thought otherwise.

Adair Renning, Asia's adopted mother, was thumbing through an adoption magazine. She and husband Jerry Renning had already adopted Meghann from Korea, and they knew some day they would adopt another baby.


Asia Renning, who was adopted at age 2, will run her 100th race Sunday in the Dexter-Ann Arbor Run half-marathon. Lon Horwedel|

"There were some photos of kids they were seeking sponsors for, to pay for medical costs," says Adair Renning, who has written a book about Asia’s struggles. "I saw Asia's picture. I always knew we wanted another child - and I always knew I would know her when I saw her."

The Rennings looked into adopting her. They were told the baby needed surgery to reverse the colostomy (surgical formation of an artificial anus by connecting the colon to an opening in the abdominal wall) that was created when she was 13 days old and that she demonstrated autistic tendencies.

"Initially we were looking at a lot of things through rose-colored glasses," says Adair Renning. "We had a belief that there was nothing that love couldn't fix, and that all she needed was a family to love her and care for her and a consistent caregiver. We also believed she needed to get the colostomy reversed in order to continue developing the way a 2-year-old should."

When Asia arrived, the Rennings found out "things that we did not know ahead of time," says Adair Renning.

Asia was 2 years old and had no muscle control. She couldn't sit up, roll over, crawl, or hold things in her hands. She didn't even didn't know how to bite or chew food because she had only been bottle-fed.

The orphanage also felt she would be unable to bond with any family.

It took nearly six more years before Asia was diagnosed with autism. She had more surgery to fix her colostomy, and was put on a special diet for her food allergies. The family had finally found therapies that worked.

They wanted to get Asia involved in sports and talked to her middle school track coach.

"I give a lot of credit to Asia's first running coach, Steve Porter, of Milan High School. If he hadn't been willing to take on the challenge of having a child with autism on his team, and hadn't instilled a compassion and awareness in the other members of the team, we may not have been having this conversation for this story. Coach Porter worked with Asia for five years ... one in middle school and all four years of high school."

After high school, Asia kept running.


Asia Renning, 29, far left in blue, runs with fellow runners Saturday morning. Lon Horwedel |

"She has hardly missed a day of running in 11 years," says Adair Renning.

In 2006 Asia started training with the Running Fit 501 team with Kathleen Gina, who is the coach.

She was paired up with Katie Sytniak as her running partner, and the two spent a year training together for the 2009 Detroit marathon.

"We both learned a lot about each other," says Sytniak. "When I became her running partner I thought I was going to be in the teaching role, that I was going to help her, but I figured out pretty quickly that we were both helping each other. Some days I wasn't motivated, but she would push me and encourage me to run faster, and other days I would push her."

They finished the marathon, and still get together regularly to run or have dinner.

"Something else that Asia really gives to people is love," says Syntiak. "It's really simple but she has a way that makes you feel appreciated and special. She'll just say something, like 'I like you, Katie.’ A lot of times you don't say that to your friends, it's a given. But she says it, and you think 'Oh, thanks, I like you too.' She has a lot of gifts that you don't realize you are looking for. It's an unexpected gift and it feels really good."

Asia's love for people and socializing is uncommon in someone with autism.

When she's not running, she works for CHS in Ann Arbor, an employment agency for people with disabilities. She is also a member of the Best Buddies , a group of college-age students paired with young adults with special needs. The purpose is socialization and friendship.

"We are pretty proud of her, not just her achievements but also because her story is something positive for parents and other children with autism," says Adair Renning. "So many times when parents are given a diagnosis of autism for their child they are not given a lot of hope. When they can look at someone like Asia who has accomplished so much it gives them hope for their child."

Adair Renning is an inspiration, too, said Sytniak.

"The book that she wrote that details their whole family's story is super inspirational. I feel like they have been so supportive to give Asia the very best.

"It's cool how they don't see barricades, where most people would see those barricades. They problem solve and figure out how they can make it work for Asia, and it's really cool that they are able to do that. A lot of people would see the wall and Adair and Jerry don't see the wall."

To learn more about Asia's story, go to

Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Cornwall Classic

It was sun and cloud and 15 degrees.

The Cornwall Classic at Cornwall Town Hall. The new course from Cornwall Town Hall to Ferry Rd and Primrose Point.

Tyler Sellar won the 10K race and Kara Grant for the top female. I finished in 41:12 and came in 9th out of 50 runners.

Roy Mason won the 5km race and Chantal Basque-Godin for top female.

Next Week I run the PEI Parks Trail Run in Milton.

Official Result: 9th out of 50
10K in 41 minutes, 12 seconds

More Photos

Cornwall Classic 2009
Cornwall Classic 2008
Cornwall Classic 2007

Cornwall Classic 2006
Cornwall Classic 2005

Running For Autism
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Friday, June 4, 2010

This Saturday's Race - The Cornwall Classic

Cornwall Classic
5K & 10K Run and 2K Walk
Saturday, June 5, 2010

Start Time: 9:00 am
Registration: 8:00 am at Cornwall Town Hall, Cornwall
Fee: $10.00
Sponsor: Cornwall Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation & Cornwall Save Easy
Contact: Josh Whitty 628-6221
Course Description:Deceptively tough course with a great downhill finish!
5K Course Map
10K Course Map

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Red Island Relay Results

Islanders on the Run - This weekend in Ottawa & Maine


2:47:55.9 - MCCOSHAM, LEO - 5/412 M45-49
2:54:07.5 - NICHOLSON, JEN - 2/214
3:36:38.9 - KEEDWELL, ALEXANDRA - 14/246 F35-39
3:47:36.8 - CARSON-MCGUIRE, SANDY - 23/223 F45-49
3:52:34.1 - ROWE- TURNER, CAROLYN - 29/214 F40-44
3:55:27.2 - WATTS-PYE, DIANNE - 16/135 F50-54
4:02:04.3 - BURKHOLDER, ELAINE - 26/135 F50-54
4:04:25.4 - BENSON, BRENDA - 68/246 F35-39
4:26:36.9 - LEARD, MAUREEN - 103/223 F45-49
4:24:35.2 - BEATON, DAVE - 199/284 M50-54
4:44:55.1 - MACISAAC, COLIN - 369/412 M45-49
4:50:27.9 - AGUSTSDOTTIR, JOHANNA - 178/246 F35-39
5:39:28.4 - MACISAAC, DAWN - 197/223 F45-49


1:43:20.7 - WEDGE, BEN - 82/214 M20-24
1:50:36.3 - DOIRON, LISA - 61/771 F40-44
2:02:35.5 - CLEMENTS, TRACEY - 238/771 F40-44
2:04:24.0 - MACDONALD, AMANDA - 352/868 F30-34
2:12:20.9 - MURPHY CHEVERIE, ROSE - 131/403 F50-54
2:12:21.7 - MURPHY, JOHN Charlottetown - 291/390 M50-54
2:33:09.5 - ROOTH, SHERRY Charlottetown - 724/863 F35-39
2:52:09.7 - BYLHOUWER, LORRIE Charlottetown - 119/199 F55-59

sorry to the people we missed..... Congratulations all!!