Saturday, November 24, 2012

Run for CNIB 2012

November 17th, 2012

It was cloud and 3 degrees. 

The Run for CNIB at North Shore Community Centre. The course on West Covehead Rd, Black River Rd, Casss Rd and Rte 25. 

I won the race in 20:16 and came in 1st out of 17 runners. Natalie Clark for the top female.

Official Result: 1st out of 17
5K in 20 minutes, 16 seconds

The 3rd Annual Great Canadian Goat Run

November 10th, 2012

It was sun and windy and 3 degrees. 

The Great Canadian Goat Run at The Great Canadian Soap Co. The course on Portage Rd, Winsloe Rd, Ling Rd, MacQuarrie Rd and Brackley Point Rd. 

Stanley Chaisson won the 10km race and Robyn Erickson for the top female. 

I finished in 41:32 and came in 6th out of 54 runners. 

Alex MacKay won the 5km race and Melanie McKenna for the top female.

Official Result: 6th out of 54
10K in 41 minutes, 32 seconds

21 Goats & 287 Lbs of Food – 

The 3rd Annual Great Canadian Goat Run

Thank You all for a very Successful 3rd Annual Great Canadian Goat Run!
Photo by Cookie MacKilt, used with permission

The cold, strong wind cancelled the Ferry crossings between Nova Scotia & PEI and Nova Scotia & Newfoundland but didn’t stop 99 runners from showing up and running in The 2012 Great Canadian Goat Run!
Participants included runners all 3 Maritime provinces, International UPEI students, and a strong showing of PEI RoadRunners and Island runners. I even spotted a California license plate in the parking lot!
54 runners ran the 10K distance and 45 ran the 5K. New male course records were set in  both distances.
Each runner was given a bar of Lime & Lavender Goat’s Milk Soap or a Sore Muscles Tub Tea & package of Sunflower seeds upon registration.
Six runners ran their first ever race at the 3rd Annual Great Canadian Goat Run!

13 people ran Personal Best times! First time racers and those running a PB all received Gift Certificates from The Great Canadian Soap Co.

The “Young Buck” & “Young Doe” Awards were sponsored by Owl’s Hollow, Cows & The Great Canadian Soap Co, and presented to our youngest runners.

Congratulations to “Young Buck” Brandon Matheson & “Young Doe” Sophie Peterson!

The “Old Nanny Goat” & “Old Billy Goat” Awards, presented to our oldest runners were sponsored by Newman Estate Winery, Clark’s Toyota & The Great Canadian Soap Co. 

Dorothy Gabby and Allan Callard were the lucky winners of those prizes. Congrats! Enjoy!!

The chicken catcher prizes were gift packages of goodies from Oxfam Canada & Cycling PEI

This year’s Chicken Catchers were Heather MacAulay on the 10K course & Jeremie Buote on the 5K course.

The 5K race was won, in a new record time of 19:10, by Alex MacKay. Melanie McKenna was the top female in the 5K.

In the 10K race, Stan Chaisson blew away the old course record, taking the gold medal in 34:34. If the wind hadn’t been trying to blow him to East Point, his time would likely have been closer to the 33:03 he ran the previous Saturday at the Wally Rodd!

Full Results are here: 5K Results ~ 10K Results

Katie had vegetarian chili, soup & teas on at her Lemonade Stand to warm runners up after the race!

Once again, Robin’s Donuts in Winsloe supplied us with Hot Chocolate and a mountain of sweet treats. Jennifer Pizio-Perry treated us to 2 of her marvelous black bottomed cheesecakes too making it a special day indeed!

Photo by Jennifer Pizio-Perry

We are , again, truly moved by the generosity of our Door Prize sponsors. We had a lovely variety of goods, generously donated, and runners left with a great gift for themselves, or perhaps for someone on their gift list.

We hope you will join us in supporting these individuals & businesses who supported us!

No Goat Run would be complete without running goats so, once again, after the people ran, the goats got their chance.

Male winner was Will Davis with Rollie.

The Female, and overall winner was Rayisa Perry with Twinkle

The Great Canadian Goat Run is about giving back, both locally and globally. Here’s what was accomplished this year:

Almost 5 bins of food, 287 pounds of food, was donated. That’s more than 1Kg for every runner! Food Bank use on PEI is up 10% over the past year and food donations at the Run was up about 50%! Thank you runners for answering the call!

Our fundraising to Give the Gift of Goats through Oxfam Unwrapped was again very successful. We raised enough money to buy another 21 Goats!

Two goats can produce 2 to 3 kids a year. With the first female kid of each gifted goat being given to another family, The Gift of Goats will keep on giving!
Our 20 goats purchased in 2011, along with their offspring, now potentially number 60-80 goats in the hands of 40 families.

In a year’s time the 21 from 2012 will likewise potentially number 63-84 goats in the hands of 42 families. By then the 2011 goats should number 140-200 in the care of 80 families for a “grand total” in a year’s time of 203-284 goats making a difference, creating greater self-sufficiency, self-esteem and educational opportunities, for 122 families!!  That’s a lot of goats!

Thank you all for making this event such a great success. To each and every runner, volunteer, Event & Prize sponsor and all those who donated to the Food Drive and/or the Goat Fund thank you! Thanks to the PEI RoadRunners for all they do with registration, timing and publishing the results.

Thanks to Oxfam PEI & Oxfam Canada for all their help & support.

And finally, thanks to our host and main sponsor, Em & The Great Canadian Soap Company and the staff, who all took active roles and made this event such a great success.