Tuesday, October 30, 2012

SPIN-A-THON for The PEI RoadRunners Club

November 17, 2012 - 12:00 to 4:00 pm
MacQueens Indoor Cycling Studio
(with Marian Grant)

Marian Grant is hosting a Spin-A-Thon on Saturday, November 17, at MacQueens Indoor Cycling Studio from 12:00 to 4:00 pm, and the owner (Kelley) of the Indoor Cycling Studio is graciously donating the proceeds to the PEI RoadRunners Club to support the activities of our Club.

The cost is $10.00 per one-hour block, and you can sign up for more than one block if you wish. The session blocks will run on the hour (12:00-1:00, 1:00-2:00, 2:00-3:00, 3:00 - 4:00). There are 16 bikes for each block featuring new Keiser bikes outfitted with consoles that provide power, heart rate, time, distance, calories and cadence.

You can register on line through the RoadRunner website (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dFprZG9NQnVQUmVMYjRjUkRtaWxCMWc6MQ#gid=0)
or by emailing Kelley at kelleymacqueen@yahoo.com

This is a great opportunity to support PEI RoadRunners Club and participate in an upbeat, fun event that is a great complimentary cross training activity for runners of all ability and fitness levels. Hope to see you there!

What: Spin-A-Thon

When: Saturday, November 17th.

Where: 430 Queen Street, MacQueens Indoor Cycling Studio

Time: One hour blocks ! 12:00-1:00, 1:00-2:00, 2:00-3:00, 3:00-4:00.

Cost: $ 10.00 per block

Registration: Through the RoadRunners website or by emailing Kelley at kelleymacqueen@yahoo.com

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Halloween Hustle 2012

It was sun and 7 degrees. 

The Halloween Hustle at Kensington Station. The course on Confederation Trail. 

I won the race in 19:46 and came in 1st out of 75 runners. Jennifer Pizio-Perry for the top female.

Official Result: 1st out of 75
5K in 19 minutes, 46 seconds

2K Results ~ 5K Results


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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Vernon River School Fall Fun Run

It was cloud and few showers and 12 degrees. 

The Vernon River School Fall Fun Run at Vernon River School. The course on Murray Harbour Rd, Glencoe Rd, trail and E. Uigg Rd.

I won the 6km race in 24:25 and came in 1st out of 25 runners. Melissa MacIsaac for the top female. Caleb and Ella Drake won the 3km race.

Official Result: 1st out of 25
6K in 24 minutes, 25 seconds

Running For Autism
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Monday, October 15, 2012

The 2012 Prince Edward Island Marathon

7:10am Brackley Beach

Good to Go...

It was cloud and 6 degrees. The Prince Edward Island Marathon at Brackley Beach Complex. The course on Gulf Shore Parkway, Rte 6, Confederation Trail, Brackley Point Rd, Sherwood Rd, Malpeque Rd and University Ave.

And they're off!

Surf's up!

The waves rolling in at Dalvay

Just a blur going by Dalvay-by-the-Sea Hotel on Dalvay Lake

Crossing the Winter River

Fall colours on the Confederation Trail in Suffolk
The halfway split time of 1:31.

Still "flying" in York
(look back up at the photos so far - do his feet ever actually touch the ground?!)

Top of the last hill! The home stretch...

Great spectators & volunteers! Thank You all!!

The road belongs to the runners from this point on

Deborah Mutch catches Alex in these next 3 photos as he reacts to hearing his name being announced, and the spectators cheers, as he approaches the finish line
 Still flying!!

"I finished in 3:13:05, came in 17th out of 275 runners and 2nd in Male 20-29. It was the 5th PEI Marathon Finish.

Mike MacKinnon won the marathon race and Helga MacNeill for the top female.

Stanley Chiasson won the half marathon race and Jen Nicholson for the top female.

Carson Campbell won the 10km race and Kristy Newson for the top female.

Michael Peterson won the 5km race and Noella Klawitter from Ottawa for the top female.

CrossFit PEI Old School for the top Corporate Relay."   

"Thanks to all runners and volunteers to meets at 2012 Prince Edward Island Marathon!"

2012 Race Results 

'A perfect day to run'

Published on October 14, 2012
Charles Reid

 Mike MacKinnon wins the BMO P.E.I. Marathon Sunday in Charlottetown. Photo by Mitch MacDonald

Moderate temperatures and light wind combine for good conditions at Island marathon

Mike MacKinnon wasn't concerned about defending his P.E.I. Marathon title, but he did anyway after crossing the finish line in 2:37:55 on Sunday in downtown Charlottetown.

"I still ain't," he said with a laugh after the race. "I didn't think I could do what I did today (Sunday). I didn't do any where near enough training. Maybe that's the key."

MacKinnon, a Miscouche native, cut more than five minutes off last year's winning time of 2:43:18 to win his third Island marathon in the last five years.

For photos of the run click here.

On the women's side, Helga Reisch-MacNeill of Kensington crossed first in the full marathon in 3:14:45. It was her first Island Marathon victory in the first time she's run the entire 42 kilometres.

"I wanted to get under 3:30. I did that, so I'm happy," said Reisch-MacNeill, who finished 19th overall. "It was a perfect day to run."

Billy MacDonald of Stratford finished second in the full marathon in 2:43:06 while Lee Roy of Beresford N.B., placed third (2:44:20).

Among the women's full marathon finishers, Brenda Brenson of Summerside placed second in 3:21:50. Third pace went to Jennie Orr of Mayfield in 3:25:25.

Moderate temperatures and light wind combined for good conditions for the runners.

As proof, Jen Nicholson of Cornwall, who won the full marathon in 2008 and 2009, set a new record in the half-marathon.

She finished the half in 1:23:19, more than three minutes faster than Rachel McCarvill's 2007 mark of 1:26:39. Nicholson also holds the women's full marathon record of 2:53:22 set in 2009.

"Perfect (day). My kind of conditions. Nice and cool, very little wind," said Nicholson, who didn't run in the full marathon because of recovery from an Achilles heel injury. "The marathon is my first love. I'll probably focus on that in the spring."

Second place in the women's half went to Joanne Reid of Halifax in 1:25:23. Aimee Jenkins of Stratford placed third in 1:30:06.

Stanley Chaisson of Charlottetown won the men's half-marathon in 1:14:11. Chaisson holds the records in the men's full marathon (2:32:28, set in 2009) and the half-marathon (1:12:14, set in 2007).

Aron Croken of Irishtown was second (1:22:22) in the half-marathon while Alan Neuffer of Stratford was third (1:22:53).

MacKinnon and Reisch-MacNeill qualified for the 2013 Boston Marathon with their wins. Reisch-MacNeill won't run the historic marathon next year, but her victory allows her to participate in 2014.

MacKinnon has his sights on returning to Boston in April where he hasn't run since 2003.

"I've never gone in prepared. This time I'm going in prepared," he said.

Winners from the 2012 P.E.I. Marathon:

Full Marathon

Men - 1. Mike MacKinnon, Miscouche, 2:37:55; 2. Billy MacDonald, Stratford, 2:43:06; 3. Lee Roy of Beresford, 2:44:20; 4. Kris Taylor, Hunter River, 2:45:53; 5. Robert Boulter, Muenchenstein, Switzerland, 2:47:07.

Women - 1. Helga Reisch-MacNeill, Kensington, 3:14:45; 2. Brenda Brenson, Summerside, 3:21:50; 3. Jennie Orr, Mayfield 3:25:25; 4. Anita Howard, Milson, N.S., 3:31:27; 5. Kristin Gough, Coldbrook, N.S., 3:31:36.

Half Marathon

Overall - 1. Stanley Chaisson, Charlottetown, 1:14:11; 2. Aron Croken, Irishtown, 1:22:22; 3. Alan Neuffer, Stratford, 1:22:53; 4. Calvin Desroches, Tyne Valley, 1:22:59; 5. Jen Nicholson, Cornwall, 1:23:19*.

Women - 1. Jen Nicholson, Cornwall, 1:23:19*; 2. Joanne Reid, Halifax, N.S., 1:25:23; 3. Aimee Jenkins, Stratford, 1:30:06; 4. Karla Widmeyer, Dartmouth, N.S., 1:31:28; 5. Alexis Juurlink, Oakfield, N.S., 1:32:14.

Half Marathon Walk

Overall - 1. Anne Koughan, Stratford, 2:27:29; 2. Heather Bulger, Summerside, 2:39:46; 3. Marina Trainor, Kinkora, 2:39:46; 4. Margi Wilson, Cumberland, 3:01:12; 5. John Donahue, Cardigan, 3:00:23.

10K Run

Overall - 1. Carsen Campbell, Summerside, :35:31; 2. David Gallant, Charlottetown, :35:46; 3. Rob MacKenzie, Long Creek, :36:47; 4. Darcy McCardle, Charlottetown, :38:45; 5. Kristy Newson, Stratford, :39:42.

10K Walk - 1. Darrell Ling, Dartmouth, N.S., 1:17:08; 2. Larry D. Baker, Charlottetown, 1:21:25; 3. Mary MacInnis, Charlottetown, 1:20:23; 4. Dawna MacDonald, Charlottetown, 1:20:22; 5. Dana Murphy, Stratford, 1:20:31.

5K Run

Overall - 1. Michael Peterson, Charlottetown, :18:38; 2. Andrew Hanlon, Dartmouth, N.S., :18:43; 3. Dylan Power, Stratford, :18:49; 4. Jonah MacMillan, Clyde River, :19:05; 5. Micha Timothy Banks, Charlottetown, :19:24.

5K Walk

Overall - 1. Melina Plamondon, Charlottetown, :40:21; 2. Karen McNeill, Charlottetown, :42:03; 3. Bev MacLaren, Suffolk, :44:24; 4. Jillian Russell, Summerside, :45:03; 5. Norah Higgerty, Haute Aboujagne, N.B., :45:50.

Corporate Relay

Overall - 1. CrossFit P.E.I. Old School, 3:01:29; 2. Water for People, 3:10:45; 3. DeltaWare Systems, 3:14:41; 4. CrossFit P.E.I., 3:19:42; 5. Charlottetown Police, 3:22:18.

*New course record

 For complete results click here.

P.E.I. marathon bigger than ever

Close to 2,700 runners participated in the event

It was a cold day for the P.E.I. marathon. (CBC)

Thousands of runners from around North America made their way from Brackley Beach to Charlottetown on Sunday during the P.E.I. marathon.

They were exhausted and bitterly cold. But it's the glory at the end of a long run that motivates the runners.

The winner was 39 year old Mike MacKinnon from Miscouche, PEI. He also won the marathon last year.

"It's tough to train every year to be at that level," said MacKinnon. "I mean it's not a huge level, but it's still hard."

The event, now in its ninth year, is bigger than ever. With close to 2,700 runners the race had a record turnout. Runners came to P.E.I. from all over North America.

"We're a Boston Marathon qualifier, so there's a lot of people who come here and we have a very high percentage of people that qualify for Boston," said race director Myrtle Jenkins-Smith.

For the first time, wheelchair racers had their own division.

"When they have a separate category for people with disabilities, it just makes it easier for me to do that," said Fraser MacPhee, the winner of the 10 kilometre wheelchair event. "It breaks down more barriers."

The race events were extra special for the Islanders who dominated the events.

"This is my home race. I hate to miss it," said half marathon winner Stanley Chaisson. "I've done it the last few years, so I love it."

Emotions aside, for all the competitive runners, today's race is just the beginning of a winter full of training.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Fall Frolic 2012

It was sun and cloud and 17 degrees. 

The Fall Frolic at New Harmony Demonstration Woodlot. The course on dirt road, Confederation Trail and woodlot. 

Billy MacDonald won the 12.3km race and Alanna Van Wiechen for the top female. I finished in 50:33 and came in 3rd out of 37 runners. Mitchell Visser won the 4.6km race and Natalie Chaisson for the top female.

Official Result: 3rd out of  37
12.63 in 50 minutes, 33 seconds

4.6K Results ~ 12.3K Results


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Monday, October 1, 2012

Charlottetown Run for the Cure 2012

It was cloud and rain and 19 degrees.

The Run For The Cure at Victoria Park. The course on Old Charlottetown and Victoria Park.

I won the race in 20:25 and Pam Campbell for the top female.

I raise $190. Thank you to everyone who donated!

Do to mother nature yesterday we were not able to have a proper closing ceremonies and people are axiously awaiting the results of the day...with money still rolling in here are our Run Day Totals!
Run Day total $ 162,778.00
total participants 700
CIBC top fundraiser : Transit 00283 Souris. PE $8174.00
Corporate Spirit : Holland College Steppers: $5795.80
Friends and Family team Challenge: Stacy's Arsenal $9,491.42
Determination Awards ( Top Fundraiser):
1. Catherine Mooney: $4549.58
2. Pauline Campbell: $3265.00
3. Deryl Beaton: $2940.00
Women's Team Challenge : Team Boobalicious: $18,689.26
School Team Challenge: East Wiltshire $ 866.00
Please Share this post often, we want to make sure everyone knows about these hard working individuals!!

Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation CIBC Run for the Cure - Charlottetown Run photos (Facebook)


Raylene Rankin Sept. 15th 1960 - Sept. 30th 2012

Run for the Cure raises $160,000 in Charlottetown

900 runners hit the streets of Charlottetown to help raise money for cancer research

Approximately nine hundred runners hit the rainy streets of Charlottetown on Sunday to help raise $160,000 for cancer research.

The Run for the Cure was full of survival stories that inspired hundreds of runners.

Four years ago, a healthy Diane Nabuurs used to run in honour of her family members who were struck by cancer.Then her life changed.

"I knew I had to beat it. And I never looked back," said Nabuurs, a breast cancer survivor. "I had a big task ahead of me."

Nabuurs beat her cancer with the help and guidance of her aunt Genevieve and mother-in-law Nancy, both breast cancer survivors.

"It made a common thread for us," said Genevieve Ryder. "We're able to talk about the positive things and how grateful we are to be here today."

The money raised by the runners and walkers will fund cancer programs close to home.

"It's really important that a person who is going through treatment and going through everything that a breast cancer patient goes through has the support locally," said run organizer Melissa MacDonald.

Diane Nabuurs says being able to have treatment on Prince Edward Island, close to family, is a big part of why she's healthy today.

"Family support, community support, it all plays such an important part in our whole healing process," said Nabuurs.

Published on September 30, 2012
Cassandra Bernard  RSS Feed

Hundreds of people listened to touching music and speeches at the 21st annual CIBC Run for the Cure at Confederation Landing in Charlottetown on Sunday afternoon.

The run saw approximately 700 individuals run or walk through the five km trek while also raising $162,778 for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. Live music by Crazy Anne, a local band who has performed three years in a row at the run, was heard through the downtown streets all afternoon. A bouncy castle was set up for children and face-painting booth were also on-site.

A very brave and encouraging speech was given by this year's honorary chair, Dianne Nabuurs. She stood proudly in front of the entire group and told her personal story and her experience with having breast cancer.

Nabuurs was diagnosed with breast cancer three years ago. She said she found the lump herself. Nabuurs was chosen as the honourary chair because of her community involvement and because of her amazing survival story. She said was happy to be involved with the run on Saturday and that she could share her story.

"I had surgeries, radiation and chemotherapy. I am now cancer free and it has been three years last March. I have always done the Run for the Cure but two years ago it meant a lot to me because I was a survivor," she said.

"It was emotional, in the beginning I was scared, until I had the diagnoses confirmed it was very scary. But afterwards there was relief, and some hope in there that there would be a cure. I am very thankful, the big thing for me is the support I had from family and friends when they found out," Nabuurs added.

Nabuurs also gave a speech at the Lieutenant Governor's survival meeting.

Melissa MacDonald, communications officer for Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation and CIBC Run for the Cure, said the event was very successful even with the light rain.

"People still came out in support and to raise money in creating a future without breast cancer," she said.

MacDonald said they wanted to do something special this year. A "survivor tent" was set up in the middle of the park. The whole tent was decked out in pink and a photo booth was set up.

"It is just a creative space where people can go who have been touched by breast cancer. To go in and take a minute and appreciate or be appreciated. People are getting their photos done with friends and family, its just kind of fun," said MacDonald.

The idea of a "survivor tent" was initiated by Stacy MacWilliams, a breast cancer survivor and last year's honorary chair.

"She is a committee member and she's also a survivor. She thought this was something that was missing from the event and came to the committee with the idea," MacDonald said.

Last year's Run for the Cure raised more than $188,000.

"This year we noticed there is a huge trend with people making online donation, and that is so awesome. We would like to make more than that today, and that would be really great," she said.

"If not that's okay too because the really important thing to know about this event is to know that 95 per cent of the dollars raised on the Island actually stay in Atlantic Canada," said MacDonald.

This money goes towards research at universities in this region. It also goes towards activities and fundraisers held for survivors such as the Look Good Feel Better program which helps make survivors feel better about themselves. "For people who are going through treatment. It's so amazing. The other five per cent goes towards other research projects taking place across the country, chosen by the Canadian Breast Cancer Association if they think the program is the most promising," MacDonald said.