Friday, March 24, 2017

10 Great Things About My California Vacation

The Adventure begins March 1st at the San Francisco Airport when we meet up with Jasmine & Chris

#1 Golden Gate Bridge, Chinatown and Pier 39

March 2nd

The Golden Gate Bridge
Japanese Tea Garden at Golden Gate Park
Entering Chinatown
Lunch in Chinatown!
Pier 39

Pier 39

Pier 39 - Across the water from Alcatraz

The 2017 California Vacation begins on the first day of March after a week in Calgary with Nannie. 
We're arrived at San Francisco Airport and meet Jasmine and Chris. The highlights of the San Francisco trip was 
crossing the Golden Gate Bridge, 
walking in the Japanese Tea Garden at Golden Gate Park, 
lunch at Chinese Restaurant in Chinatown 
and Alcatraz viewing at Pier 39.


#2 Jelly Belly Factory Tour

March 3rd

Jelly Belly Factory
Lots of beans! 

Lots of fun!

My marathon energizer of choice!

Big bag of "Belly Flop" Sport Beans

The Jelly Belly Factory at Fairfield. The highlights of the tour was Ronald Reagan items and portraits, production of 50+ flavors and buying sports beans for long run.


#3 Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

March 4th



Six Flags Discovery Kingdom at Vallejo. 
I rode the major roller coasters in Medusa, Kong, The Joker, Superman: Ultimate Flight and Boomerang. I rode the thrill rides, walking in zoo and meeting Looney Tunes characters.  


#4 Napa Valley Marathon & Sad Diego 5K

March 5th & March 12th

Napa Valley Marathon ~ March 5th

San Diego Half Marathon and 5K ~ March 12th

The Napa Valley Marathon at Calistoga. The weather was cool, few showers and hail. The course on Silverado Trail, St. Helena, Rutherford, Oakville, Yountville and Napa. I finished in 3:28:51 and came in 161st out of 1271 runners. My mom walk the 5km course and got PB. Benjamin Heck of San Carlos won the race and Erica Weitz of Orlando for the top female. 

The San Diego 5km at Petco Park. The weather was warm and foggy. The course on Hillcrest, Balboa Park and Downtown. I finished in 18:10, came 2nd in 25-29 age group and came in 12th out of 735 runners. Luis De LaVega of San Diego won the 5k race and Sarah Attar of Escondido for the top female. Jorge Maravilla of Mill Valley won the San Diego Half Marathon and Meriah Earle of Escondido for the top female.


#5 Beaches & Piers

San Pedro

Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz
Pebble Beach


Santa Monica Pier
Santa Monica Pier

Imperial Beach

Imperial Beach Pier

Mission Beach

Pacific Beach

coronado 1
Coronado 2

The two days road trip to Southern California highlights was collecting beach sands, Giant Dipper at Santa Cruz, Highway 1 beaches, touring at Santa Monica Pier and San Diego area beaches and piers.


#6 Hollywood, US/Mexico Border, and Giant Dipper

 March 7th & 8th

Hollywood, March 7th 

 US Mexico Border March 8th
US / Mexico Border

US / Mexico Border


Giant Dipper March 8th

Giant Dipper

Giant Dipper

Giant Dipper

The Los Angeles area viewing at "Hollywood" sign, El Capitan Theater, Hollywood Walk of Fame, L.A. Buildings and freeways. The International border between San Ysidro and Tijuana, Mexico while shopping. 
I rode the Giant Dipper at Belmont Park.


#7 Mexican Restaurants

El Cilantro
Pozoleria Dona Maria

Pozoleria Dona Maria
Chris' Mexican cooking & Jasmine's Guacamole 

I ate the Mexican foods in San Diego area Mexican restaurants and Chris and Jasmine cooking the Mexican foods for supper.


#8 Chula Vista Olympic Training Center

(recently renamed the Chula Vista Elite Athlete Training Center)

Chula Vista Elite Athlete Training Center

Me & Meb



The track, the lake, the BMX course

Picking an orange

Spotted a couple of Roadrunners!

The Chula Vista Elite Training Center in Chula Vista where Tommy Des Brisay participating the Canadian Track Team winter training. Touring the tracks, sports fields and US Olympics memorabilia.


#9 Kayaking at Mission Beach (from Pacific Beach)

March 13th

The Kayaking at Mission Bay on foggy afternoon. Seeing the Sea World tower, rowing boats, bridges and Giant Dipper.


#10 San Diego Zoo

 March 14th






Polar Bears!

Another Polar Bear!



The San Diego Zoo in Balboa Park. They explores Discovery Outpost, Lost Forest, Northern Frontier, Elephant Odyssey, Outback, Urban Jungle and Panda Trek.


Mission Accomplished!