Saturday, May 2, 2009

Proudes Shoes 5K 2009

It was cloudy and rain and 11 degrees.

The 6th time I ran the Proudes Shoes 5km. The Proudes Shoes 5K was the first PEI RoadRunner Race I ever ran in 2004.

Connor McGuire won the race and a fast time of 16:19 and Britt Caissie for the top female.

I finished in 20:50 and came in 21st out of 83 runners.

Tomorrow I run the 10km at Polyclinic downtown Charlottetown.

Thank You Leo and Scott for the posters from Boston and Big Sur!

More Photos

Official Result: 21st out of 83
5K in 20 minutes, 50 seconds
Proudes Shoes 2007
Proudes Shoes 2006
Proudes Shoes 2005
Proudes Shoes 2004

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Not Against It
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Two said...

Hi Alex,
Seems like you are starting of the Spring Season well! Good luck this summer with training and racing. I am trying to convince my wife it is time to head to the island to visit our relatives in Hunter River and Hartsville. Plus, your Tip-to-Tip run has really inspired me to get back to the island and run a portion of the Confederation Trail.

Warm Regards,