Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Le 15km de GRANDE-DIGUE -- Sorry we missed it

Chaisson top runner from P.E.I.
Several Islanders run in N.B. road race

GRANDE-DIGUE, N.B. – Stanley Chaisson led the Prince Edward Island contingent at Grande-Digue’s 15-kilometre road race Sunday

Chaisson, from Charlottetown (really he’s from Bear River!), placed first in his age category (male 20-29) and second overall in a time of 50 minutes and 36 seconds.

Chaisson and race winner Joel Bourgeois od Grande-Digue (50:15) beat the previous best time for the event.

A total of 205 runners took part in the race.

Islanders finishing in the top 25 were Scott Clark of Summerside (55:35), Tyler Reid of Cornwall (55:48), and Leo McCosham of Charlottetown (58:16)

Other PEI finishers were: Francis Fagan of Charlottetown (1:02:48), Elaine Burkholder of Kensington (1:11:50), Diane Pye of Charlottetown (1:12:31), Kimberley Bailey of Cornwall (1:13:42), Tanya Gregory of Charlottetown (1:13:45), Edna Vloet of Charlottetown (1:14:22), Bethany Lucas of Stratford (1:14:43), Athena Doyle of Charlottetown (1:16:00), Rick West of Charlottetown (1:16:24), Mike Meacher of Charlottetown (1:17:56), Doug MacEachern of Charlottetown (1:19:29), Tricia Proude of Charlottetown (1:19:34), Judy West of Charlottetown (1:19:50), Cheryl Paynter of Charlottetown (1:26:28), Monique Kaye of Charlottetown (1:26:52), Gary Craswell of Charlottetown (1:27:58), Carol Craswell of Charlottetown (1:27:59), Eric Deveau of Souris (1:29:25), Dina DeRoches of Stratford (1:33:27) and Lorrie Bylhouwer of Charlottetown (1:47:08)

We had planned to go to this race. In fact, we had a whole extended weekend in NB planned that centered around visiting my mom, who lives outside Saint John, helping her with some work in the house & yard, shopping with my daughter and had Alex & I leaving early Sunday morning to go to Grande-Digue so Alex could run. My husband would leave later in the day with some furniture in the back of his truck and either meet up with us in Grande-Digue or see us back at home. My daughter would have her choice of who she wanted to return to the Island with.

Then came the weather forecast - rain Friday night, showers Saturday and Sunday. We weren’t concerned with Friday and Saturday so much but the idea of bringing furniture home in the back of an open truck on a three and a half hour drive (minimum) in the rain..... was enough to postpone our visit and cancel our plans.

Alex was not impressed.

Of course it didn’t really shower on Sunday. It drizzled a bit in the morning here and, I’ve heard, it did the same in NB. We could have, should have, gone.

By all accounts the race was a windy, but good time. Next year Sylvio..... next year....

Congratulations Stan on your fabulous finish and to all Islanders for representin’ on the mainland. Sylvio, I hope we see you back on the Island to run in the coming months.

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Anonymous said...

Hi there my friends!
A much better race is already being planned with bigger draw prizes & more cash for the elite runners! It will be our 3rd edition & soon we will have the bugs worked out! I'm happy with the Islanders supporting us & attending & hope to see you all soon! I'm training for the upcoming Ottawa marathon & wish for a Boston Marathon qualifying time soon!
Take care & all the best to each & everyone of you !

jypsy said...

Hi Sylvio,

I've added a link here (and on the RoadRunner message board) to the photos of the Grande-Digue run. I hope you have fun in Ottawa, there are a few Islanders going. Best luck with qualifying for Boston. (If you don't pull it off there you can always try again here at the PEI Marathon in the fall!)

Maybe someday I'll take Alex up, I lived in Ottawa for 10 years as a child and another year in my late teens, just before I moved to PEI (where I've been ever since). It's the one city in the world I feel comfortable in, know my way around and am not intimidated by. I've heard the Marathon there along the Parkway is quite pretty and quite fun so it would be a natural choice if Alex ever decides to take on the Marathon distance.

happy trails...