Monday, May 28, 2007

Col. Gray/McDonald's Run for SADD

Saturday May 26
" Both hilly and flat sections"
At Colonel Gray High School SADD Run 5km/10km.

"Boomer" Gallant was offical starter. Weather was sunny and few clouds around 20 degrees.

21 minutes first 5km. Last 5km begin slow down.

At 8.5km mark on Queen Street after few water stop at Charlottetown Rural, John Van Ekris asks Alex need some water and run together from my temperature rising.

Finish in 56:45 at 50th out of 61 runners with John. Thank You John for helping!

Drink more water while faster and hot and maybe wear my white cooling hat is only reason at running career.

Official Result: 50th out of 61
10K in 56 minutes, 45 seconds
2006 SADD Run
2005 SADD Run
2004 SADD Run

(Finish Line Photo by Deborah Mutch)

A big wedding afternoon with Roger's younger brother, Andrew met Tami-Lynn at Summerside.
Grammy attend and reception and all Dad's brothers and sisters.

PHOTO - The Bride with the Bains - Alex's Dad, Grandmother and his Dad's siblings.
Back L-R: Nancy, Karl, Tami-Lynn & Andrew, John, Wilfred, Laura. Front L-R: (kneeling) Roger (Dad), Marjorie (Grammy), (kneeling) Gary.

On Tuesday at Run UPEI some couple easy run and Thursday do the last session.

Running For Autism
Not Against It
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kristina said...

Lovely photos all! And congratulations!

jypsy said...

John, I'd like to add my own thanx to Alex's for getting him to the finish line. I had finally gotten hold of a course map (MS can put me in "stupid mode" and though I was told you were last seen where the trail from the Rural met Queen St. I was drawing a *total* blank!) and had just jumped in the car to go and find/get Alex when I heard shouts of "here comes Alex" and sure enough, the two of you rounded the corner.

The story has come out in the days since of how you not only got water into, but onto him when, as he said "my temperature went crazy". He had another hot flash that night at the wedding reception and although he doesn't seem to have whatever I've been suffering from (along side the MS these days), I'm not convinced it was just the nice weather that did him in at the race (though he wasn't the only person who struggled with the heat at this race).

Alex said to me a number of times "the only reason was...." (as he writes in this post) and would follow it with a way he could have stayed cooler leading me to believe that what he wanted to say was not "only reason" but "one solution" as he came up with a number of them - more water, his white cooling hat etc.

Thanx again John!