Sunday, May 20, 2007

Rural Raider Run for Healthy Eating Alliance 10K

Saturday, May 19, 2007
"1 K uphill and then fairly flat"

Cloud and rain and 13 degrees. At Charlottetown Rural High School eat pre race fruit salad and bagel.

You saw Karen Ross (now Karen Shepherd) in 5Km, my T.A. from Gulf Shore for 4th to 6th grade . Ewen Strewart around 4.8km mark of race to time split and cheer.

Finishes in 44:50 at 25th out of 58. Stanley Chaisson won 10km and John Bil won the 5km he ran the Fredericton Marathon last weekend and qualified for Boston.

The Blue Nose Marathon is this weekends in Halifax with few PEI Runners.

Official Result: 25th out of 58
10K in 44 minutes, 50 seconds
2006 Rural Raiders Run

Running For Autism
Not Against It
acceptance not cure


kristina said...

Wow! We've been thinking of starting Charlie running----he's been doing the hills around here without panting....

jypsy said...

Go for it Kristina. There are a lot of younger runners, especially at the 5K runs. Dylan Allain is becoming a regular and he's only 8 (you can see him in the start picture of the Proude's Shoe Run. He & his dad Randy joined Alex one day on his Tip-to-Tip Run last summer too). As well, check out the this run's 5K results, there was a large contingent of 11 & 12 year old pink shirt clad girls running, I believe they were from a new running club. They looked great and seemed to have a really good time despite the rain.

jypsy said...

There's a picture of a bunch of those "pink girls" at the start of the race here