Saturday, June 21, 2008

Deltaware - a 5K Personal Best

It was sunny and 15 degrees.

The 5km race on city streets and Victoria Park.

The beginning the race I look at the right shoe lace was untied and still run the whole race. I made the 20 minutes barrier in 19:07 and personal best by 30 seconds over the UPEI Homecoming Race and came in 18th out of 147 runners.

Stanley Chaisson won the race in 15:16 and Rebecca Walker for the top female. These top PEI runners selected for Credit Union Atlantic Lung Run in Halifax.

Next Saturday I run the Fulton Campbell half marathon in Montague.

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Official Result: 18th out of 157
5K in 19 minutes, 7 seconds

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1 comment:

Unknown said...

Hi Alex ... You had a great run for having one shoe untied! I was just behind you when someone yelled that your shoe was untied. I saw you look down for a split second and decide that you could tie it after you set a 5K PB!

Way to go!