Tuesday, June 3, 2008

PEISAA Provincial Track & Field Championship - Bluefield, June 7th


June 7, 2008
Bluefield High School

Track Events:

9:15 am 3000 Metre Final
Midget Girls/Midget Boys/Senior Girls/Senior Boys

l0:30 am 4 x 100 Metre Relay
All Classifications

11:05 am 100 metre Heats
All Classifications

l1:40 am 400 metres Timed Finals
All classifications

12:25 pm 100 metre Finals
All Classifications

1:00 pm l500 Metre Final
All classifications

2:00 pm 200 Metre Heats
All classifications

2:45 pm 800 Metre Final
All classifications

3:30 pm 200 Metre Final
All classifications

4:15 pm 4 X 400 Relay
Midget girls/Midget boys/Senior girls/Senior boys

PEISAA Track and Field Championships FIELD EVENTS:

9:45 a.m. Novice Boys Shot Put
Bantam Girls Triple Jump
Midget Girls Long Jump
Midget Boys Javelin
Senior Girls Discus
Senior Boys High Jump

l0:30 a.m. Novice Boys High Jump*
Bantam Girls Discus
Bantam Boys Long Jump
Midget Girls Javelin
Senior Girls Triple Jump
Senior Boys Shot Put

ll:10 a.m. Novice Girls Shot Put
Bantam Boys High Jump*
Bantam Girls Long Jump
Midget Boys Discus
Midget Girls Triple Jump
Midget Boys High Jump
Senior Boys Javelin

l2:00 Noon Bantam Boys Discus
Midget Boys Triple Jump
Midget Girls Shot Put
Senior Girls Javelin
Senior Boys Long Jump

12:50 p.m. Novice Girls High Jump*
Novice Boys Long Jump
Bantam Boys Triple Jump
Midget Girls High Jump
Senior Girls Shot Put
Senior Boys Discus

1:40 p.m. Senior Boys Triple Jump
Novice Girls Long Jump
Bantam Girls High Jump*
Bantam Boys Shot Put
Midget Girls Discus
Senior Girls High Jump

2:40 p.m. Bantam Girls Shot Put
Midget Boys Long Jump

3:10 p.m. Senior Girls Long Jump
Midget Boys Shot Put

* please note: the Novice Girls, Novice Boys, Bantam girls and Bantam Boys High Jump will be held on the tennis courts above the track


Anonymous said...

Will there be results on this page?

jypsy said...

The 2009 Provincial Track & Field Championship results are here