Friday, April 4, 2008

We are Kathleen too

The iRunman blog that Alex and I used to document The Autistic Celebration Run as well as The Autistic Adult Picture Project, a page I host and co-manage with oddizms, are both named in the subpoena that was served to Kathleen Seidel by Mr. Clifford Shoemaker.

Any words I would use to describe this situation are not words I would print publicly on this blog (in fact I'm still quite speechless). Others are saying it for me, please see these links and the many links listed there:

We are with you Kathleen, we are Kathleen.

What a Web of actional links we can weave - Nashua Telegraph Published: April 9, 2008
Cyber-Slapp - Wall Street Journal


Kathleen Seidel said...

jypsy, thank you so much.

Alyric said...

The A2P2 as well! Ils sont fou, ces advocats