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Some Boston Marathon Basics for those of us watching back home

Where to watch:
Race Day Coverage
WBZ-TV and will carry the Boston Marathon live on April 21.
8 am: Live Coverage Begins on WBZ-TV
9 am: Live Coverage Begins on *
Noon: Live Finish Line Cam on (time approx.)
Post-Race: Finish Line Cam On-Demand on
*Live online coverage available only in New England
Race Day Coverage
9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. EST
Monday, April 21, 2008
9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. EST

Programming schedules
subject to change.

The Weather

Monday - Monday - Mostly sunny. Highs in the lower 60s. East winds 10 to 15 mph. (5:52PM Sunday Atlantic Time)

PEI Runners
(Bold number is their bib#)

7010 Arsenault, Greg J. 43 M Stratford PE CAN
2253 Baglole, Paul 47 M Meadow Bank PE CAN
17351 Bailey, Kimberley 43 F Cornwall PE CAN
19417 Boswall, Diane 47 F Charlottetown PE CAN
18129 Burkholder, Elaine G. 50 F Kensinton PE CAN
8682 Campbell, Spencer 40 M Charlottetown PE CAN
1543 Clark, Scott J. 44 M Summerside PE CAN
10372 Dalton, Paul A. 49 M St. Edward PE CAN
8012 Gillis, Edwin P. 44 M Summerside PE CAN
10572 Keedwell, Alexandra J. 37 F Charlottetown PE CAN
19510 Leard, Maureen 47 F Cornwall PE CAN
16010 MacLaurin, Anne K. 35 F Rr#1 Miscouche PE CAN
3714 McCosham, Leo 44 M Charlottetown PE CAN
20790 Meacher, Michael 71 M Charlottetown PE CAN (NOT RUNNING)
9683 Morris, Nancy 41 F Charlottetown PE CAN
25787 Murphy, John L. 39 M Charlottetown PE CAN
6276 Nicholson, Jennifer D. 39 F Cornwall PE CAN
19315 Pye, Dianne F. 49 F Charlottetown PE CAN
17389 Walsh, Beverley E. 46 F Charlottetown PE CAN
20482 West, Judy A. 54 F Charlottetown PE CAN
19618 West, Richard A. 61 M Charlottetown PE CAN

How can family members track my running from home?

The B.A.A. will broadcast every 5Km split to its web site and family and friends can track your progress by logging in and entering your name or bib number. The "face" of the Boston Marathon web site will change on race day and the process on how to enter the search will be clear.

News & Coverage:

The Boston Marathon Course

(CBS4) The 26 miles, 385 yard Boston Marathon course begins in Hopkinton and winds through several suburban towns, before runners end their journey in Copley Square.

Boston is considered one of the more difficult courses in marathoning, because of the infamous Newton Hills which reach their peak at Heartbreak Hill.

The historic course begins on Main Street in Hopkinton, a town 26 miles southwest of Boston.

Boston Marathon runners follow Route 135 through the towns of Ashland, Framingham, Natick and Wellesley, where Route 135 joins Route 16.

The course continues on Route 16 through Newton Lower Falls, and turns right at the Newton Fire Station, onto Commonwealth Avenue.

Runners trek along Commonwealth Ave, through the infamous Newton Hills, up Heartbreak Hill, and past Boston College before turning onto Chestnut Hill Ave. towards Cleveland Circle.

The course then turns left onto Beacon Street and into Kenmore Square where runners once again follow Commonwealth Avenue.

In the homestretch, the course turns right onto Hereford Street and then left onto Boylston, finishing in Copley Square.

Boston Marathon Trivia

  • The Boston Marathon course is 26 miles, 385 yards (42.195 kilometers)
  • About 22,5000 runners compete in the Boston Marathon
  • Runners now begin the Boston Marathon in two waves of approximately 10,000 runners each
  • The total prize money package for the Boston Marathon is $575,000
  • The winners of the Men and Women Open Division Winners each receive $100,000
  • Prize money was first awarded at the Boston Marathon in 1986
  • Since 1969 the Boston Marathon has always been run on Patriots' Day, the third Monday in April
  • About 500,000 spectators line the marathon route each year
  • Wheelchair athlete Jean Driscoll holds the most Boston Marathon victories (8)
  • Johnny Kelley started a record 61 Boston Marathons, won twice and finished the race 58 times
  • There were only 15 runners to start the first Boston Marathon in 1897
  • John J. McDermott won the first Boston Marathon in 1897 in a time of 2:55:10
  • Greg Meyer was the last American Man to win the Boston Marathon (1983)
  • Lisa Larsen-Weidenbach was the last American woman to win the Boston Marathon (1985)
  • 1966: Roberta Gibb became first woman to unofficially run the Boston Marathon
  • 1967: Katherine Switzer became first woman to receive official number, by using her initials to register
  • 1972: Women were first allowed to officially enter the Boston Marathon
  • In 2004 the Elite Women runners were given a separate, earlier start time from the main field
  • The largest field of runners was for the 100th Boston Marathon in 1996, when 36,748 runners started the marathon
  • Clarence DeMar was the oldest winner of the Boston Marathon at age 41 (1930)
  • 18 year-old Tim Ford was the youngest winner in Boston Marathon history (1906)
  • 173-pound Lawrence Brignolia is the heaviest runner ever to win the Boston Marathon
  • 1975: Boston became the first marathon to include a wheelchair division
  • 1936: Boston Globe reporter Jerry Nason nicknamed "Heartbreak Hill" in Newton
  • In 1988 Ibrahim Hussein finished 1 second ahead of Juma Ikangaa in the closest finish in Boston Marathon history
  • Clarence DeMar, Bill Rodgers & Cosmos Ndeti are the only champions to win the open division three consecutive years
  • In 1961 the racers faced 38-degree temperatures and snow squalls along the course
  • Water and Gatorade are provided every mile of the course; PowerGel is provided at mile 17
  • 4 tons of pasta and 500 gallons of tomato sauce are cooked for the pre-race meal

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