Saturday, April 5, 2008

The Bunny Hop

The Dairy Queen/Source for Sports Bunny Hop

It was cloudy and 2 degrees and little rain before after the race.

The loop course on Queen Street, Kirkwood, North River Road, Trans Canada Highway, Beach Grove and back to the start.

Stan won the race in 33:20 and Linda MacIsaac-Gallant for top female in 42:14.

Pam Power-McKenna ran the first 10km in a long time from injury and I passed her in last mile.

I getting a cold.

Mom did at registration and finish line times.

Finish in 46:52 and came in 45th out of 137 runners.

I ate ice cream afterwards at DQ.

Official Result: 45th out of 137
10K in 46 minutes, 52 seconds

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More Photos (by Deborah Mutch)

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