Thursday, September 24, 2009

Autism the boy is Alex Bain - Autism Speaks is just so Wrong

Autism the boy is Alex Bain

Autism is happy and sad
I like Autism
Autism makes me different
from my friends
That's OK

-Alex Bain, March 2000

We strive to promote Acceptance, Inclusion and
*Positive* Autism Awareness

Some others have a very different idea about what "Autism Awareness" is.

Part of Autism Speaks Mission is
raising public awareness about autism
and its effects on individuals, families, and society"

Their latest bit of "public awareness" is
beyond offensive

It is dehumanizing

"The new video is so extremely anti-scientific and unethical
that in my view there is a responsibility on all and any scientists in Autism Speaks' leadership, including anywhere
on their boards, panels, committees, etc., to take a stand."

-- M. Dawson

Watch the video: "I am Autism"
Read a transcript of what is said in the video
Read a collection of the responses from the autistic & autism communities
Read another collection of responses from the autistic and autism communities
Join the Facebook Group "Protesting Autism Speaks "I am Autism" Video
Tweet using #autismspeaksfail to show your displeasure

Read Disability groups join to continue protest of Autism Speaks campaign
Read The NAS and Autism Speaks UK respond to "I am Autism"Read the Press Release from (ASAN) condemning Autism Speaks and their video.
Read The joint letter, which carries support from 65 international, national, state, and local organizations from the cross-disability community, condemning Autism Speaks for demonizing autism in their "I Am Autism" video. Related Press Release.
Sign The petition at to show your support for the joint letter.

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Kowalski said...

So far, this is my absolute favourite post written about Autism Speaks' PSA. Yup, I like them bold ones.