Friday, September 4, 2009

No More Photos ?

Last Wednesday, the day that there was no Athletics scheduled at the Canada Games,
I took one of my sons (not Alex) kayaking. It was one of the best times I've had in a while.
Pure enjoyment!

Yesterday I took another son (not Alex) kayaking.
Visually, the day was even more beautiful, the bright blue sky made the water even bluer
than last week's overcast sky and the rest of nature's paint job was stunning.

As a "Fire sign" I found it odd that being on the water made me so incredibly happy.
As I told my son, "In my life, it doesn't get much better than this".

A while later I handed him my camera so he could take pictures of a tree...

And a while after that, I heard a splash behind me and there he was, in the water,
with my camera around his neck.......

This is the last photo that camera (Canon PowerShot A590 IS) took

Even that did not taint the beauty of the experience. I refused to let it. I popped out the memory card and batteries, wrapped it in a towel and carried on.

There are two RoadRunner races this weekend. Maureen, race director for the Banks Financial Group 5K asked me last week if I'd be there with my camera to take photos this Saturday. I assured her I would. (Last year I was out of town for the weekend and there are no photos from the Banks Run and only others photos from the Mikinduri Run).

I take my camera everywhere I go and my withdrawal symptoms started immediately. Like any addict (although they're not all public, I currently have over 21,000 photos in our Flickr account), even if I can't really afford it, I will have a camera in my hands tomorrow at the start & finish line.

No more photos? No likely.....

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Stephanie said...

I must just be old fashioned because I really don't like digital cameras; I only use them to take photos of stuff to post online.

I have a really nice Nikon film camera that I got 10+ years ago for about $500, so it is pretty nice (since today a $500 camera would be about $1000).

I've never Photoshoped or done anything on the computer with my photography except to scan them in; it always just seemed so lazy and easy to me. Plus, the results are never as good as when you do it in a darkroom. Everything I do is always done in a darkroom. And that is the only reason I am taking a photography class: unlimited access to a darkroom.

I can't get into the digital stuff; it just doesn't compare to me. And I am also into alternative photographic process and you can't do that with digital: it's impossible.