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P.E.I. Marathon - Training takes dedication, commitment

P.E.I. Marathon - Training takes dedication, commitment
Special to The Guardian

The smell of fall is in the air and that means that the BMO Nesbitt Burns P.E.I. Marathon weekend of Oct. 16-18 is drawing very close.
There is nothing glamorous about these training weeks. It can hurt, plain and simple.
It requires a level of dedication and sacrifice not many are willing to give. Sometimes lacing up your sneakers is the absolute last thing you feel like doing at the end of a hectic day, and let’s face it, it’s not exclusively about us a lot of days.
We all have family, work and other commitments that make it very easy to make excuses why we can’t run.
I have come to dread the long Sunday training runs. As I write this, I am trying to get my head around a 36 km scheduled run this weekend. This will be the longest run for me in over a year.
Will I be able to get it done, how will I feel, will my pace fall off? It always works out OK after you get going, but the dread can be paralyzing. All of this begs the question — why would you ever sign up to do such a thing?
The benefits are many, that’s why. Chances are that you have met a whole new circle of friends that are positive, driven people during the course of your training. I know some of my closest and most trusted friends are those that I have logged many, many miles with.
Great training partners can lift you through workouts you would never complete on your own and you get to return the favour for them on days where they maybe having an off day.
We are in the middle of the high intensity training weeks and it is natural to become tired and a bit disenchanted with the process. Keep race day in mind and visualize it frequently. Picture yourself crossing the finish line for the first time in your life, or keeping up to that pace bunny during the day to ring in your new personal best.
The BMO Nesbitt Burns P.E.I. Marathon weekend has a race for absolute everyone starting with a Kid’s Spud run then a 5 km walk or run, a 10 km walk or run, a half marathon walk or run and a full marathon run.
A growing favourite on race weekend is the corporate and team relay. This is a tonne of fun to get eight people together and conquer the marathon distance as a team in a fun and competitive way.
My advice is to keep up your good work in training; it will all pay off on race day. Have fun and enjoy the journey of your healthy lifestyle.

Cheryl Paynter and Jonathon Ross are co-chairs of the BMO Nesbitt Burns P.E.I. Marathon weekend Oct. 16-18 and will be writing a weekly article leading up to race weekend. For further information, visit

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