Monday, April 23, 2007

Detour - Summits of Canada Expidition, PEI's High Point, Alex's Roots

Summits of Canada Expedition, aims, among other things, "To put the first Canadians on top of the "high-point" of every province and territory in the country."

On Prince Edward Island, they will "summit" Glen Valley, the little village in the middle of PEI, that we lived in when Alex (and his older brother) were born.

Although I went into Charlottetown to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital to give birth to Alex , we were back home, in our little hand built cabin in Glen Valley within 24 hours of his birth. (Photo to the left is Alex, one day old, home in the cabin)

This map shows you exactly where the team will summit Glen Valley. Our little cabin was on the outside of the 90 degree bend in the road, just above the green arrow.

The directions given on the Summits of Canada website for the summit of PEI in Glen Valley are:

"Take Highway 2 to Fredericton to Glen Valley. Turn left onto a dirt road and park the car. GPS to a small forest beside a potato field."

From that page:

Prince Edward Island's highest elevation is only 142 metres above sea level, and is located in Lot 67, Queens County. The community on the hill is rather oddly named, being composed of two words suggesting a place lower than its surroundings: Glen Valley.

The PEI highpoint is higher than two USA highpoints: Ebright Azimuth-Delaware and Lakewood (Britton Hill)-Florida.
When Alex was 6 months old we moved from our little cabin to a big old farmhouse in Oyster Bed Bridge. (photo to the right is Alex shortly before we moved)

Thanx to Peter Rukavina for bringing this story to my attention.

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