Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Boston Marathon Finish Line Video - WBZ NewsRadio 1030

WBZ's Marathon Finish Line: http://wbz.com/pages/350895.php

You may use this tool to watch yourself or someone you know cross the finish line of the 2007 Boston Marathon. Just input the finish time of the person you want to see and wait about one minute or so for the video to load.


bigwhitehat said...

Jypsy thanks for dropping by my place.

I knew about Alex but had no idea that yall had a blog. This is great.

jypsy said...


Alex sounds a lot like you're Tiger. I'd like to invite folks who know Alex as a runner to read your post Defining Autism for a Friend. I also enjoyed your comments there about Tiger's talking and tightrope walking - I've found myself lately telling people that Alex "just doesn't have a lot to say". It's not that he doesn't like talking, he just doesn't do it a lot. However, this tendency to be "quiet" is something that's been noted (by many) not only of Alex but of his father and older brother too though neither of them share Alex's difficulties in the actual process of speaking (although his father was a very late talker and his brother had a "moderate to severe articulation delay" as a preschooler.) Alex's tightrope walking (post crib but pre school) was along the edge of the barn roof mostly.....

This blog is new (we have one at http://irunman.blogspot.com that documents his Tip-to-Tip PEI Run last year and the Autism Safety Training Seminars it funded) and is, as you can see, more about Alex's running (and obsession with running) than his autism. For those interested in autism blogs, I highly recommend the blogs found at the Autism-Hub, Bigwhitehat's blog included.