Saturday, April 7, 2007

Dairy Queen/Source for Sports Bunny Hop 10K

Saturday, April 7th, 2007
"Few hills, but quite fast" (course map)
(Start line & Finish line photos by Deborah Mutch)

It sunny and cloudy around 0 degrees not very windy. 197 runners enter the race. Janet work at the water stop at 5km mark. 23:20 splits at 1/2 mark of race. She fix shoe laces before water because they came untied. One big hill but mostly flat. Stan won almost beat the course record. I came in 48:06 in placing 73rd out of 197.

I had a chocolate sundae after the race for free. Nice long sleeve T-shirt for 30th Anniversary Bunny Hop.

I plan to run in NB on late April maybe. "Le 15Km de Grande-Digue"

There would be a snowstorm tonight and tomorrow. So its a good thing the Bunny Hop was today. Next weekend runners and volunteers from PEI are going to Boston Marathon. Good Luck! I will watching on TV!

1st Place Winner Stanley Chaisson & Dairy Queen's Al Stewart

Official Result: 73rd out of 197
10K in 48 minutes, 6 seconds
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2005 Bunny Hop
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Not Against It
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Anne said...

Did you say 0 degrees -- as in zero degrees??? Man, that's cold. Did your feet get numb when you were running?

Alex Bain said...

My feet are normal to wear a yellow shoes. No, because I keeps running. None of me got cold and nice day to run.

jypsy said...

Hi Anne,
Our zero is your 32 degrees, the freezing point, and while that's cold, it was wayyyyy warmer than last week's "Spring Tune Up" when the temperature was just a couple of degrees lower but the north wind was brutal. Alex's feet were fine but my hands, after helping to pour and hand out about 200 cups of water, were well past the point of having any feeling in them! It really was a beautiful day for a run, especially when compared to what we woke up to the next day.

The traffic in town was crazy Saturday so hats off to the Charlottetown Police and the volunteers who worked traffic control for keeping the near 200 runners safe out there. This is a very popular and very well run race and I hope it remains that way even though this is the last year that Tara and Ellen will be it's race directors. As well, Al Stewart, who has been at the Dairy Queen for 40 years and ran in the first Bunny Hop 30 years ago, will not be there next year as he is retiring later this year.

This was Alex's 3rd Bunny Hop, he joined the RoadRunners and started running at their runs & races right after the 2004 Bunny Hop. Too bad, as he missed the opportunity to race against his Pediatrician, Dr. Ron Siemens, who moved off Island shortly after that '04 Bunny Hop. He does however get the opportunity to race with his Family Doctor, Dr. Peter MacKean.