Saturday, May 7, 2011

A 5Km Personal Best - My 8th Running of the Proude's Shoes 5K

It was cloudy and 9 degrees.

The Proude's Shoe 5km in Sherwood. The out and back course on Maple Ave, Ash Drive and Mulberry Park.

David Gallant won the race and Kelly MacDonald for the top female.

I finished in 18:22, beat my 5km personal best of 45 seconds faster than 2008 Deltaware and came in 3rd out of 119 runners.

It was 8th time running the Proude's Shoes 5K from starting the running career.

My boss Em's son Kristopher ran his first ever race. Julia ran her first race at the Bunny Hop.

Official Result: 3rd out of 119
5K in 18 minutes, 22 seconds

Em & Kristopher

3rd Place!
More Photos

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Photos from Proude's Shoes 5K (2004-2011)

Alex & Peter Meggs
before Alex's very first PEI RoadRunners Race,
the 2004 Proude's Shoes 5K

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