Saturday, April 25, 2009

Spring Run Off

It was sunny and 10 degrees.

The Sporting Intentions Spring Run Off on North River Road in Charlottetown.

The out and back course was on North River Road and Victoria Park.

The 5km race was added this year for the high school kids who were volunteering and running.

Stanley Chaisson won the race and returns from PEI Marathon and Kristy Newson for the top female.

I finished in 46:29 and came in 33rd out of 71 runners.

Brian Smith won the 5km and Hannah Szwark for the top female.

Official Result: 33rd out of 71
10K in 46 minutes, 29 seconds

More Photos

Spring Run Off 2008

Before the race Leo gave me his official yellow Boston Marathon
long sleeve shirt
and Dianne gave me the poster.
Thank you!
(Alex put the poster down, outside, at Sporting Intentions. If you picked it up, please let us know.
Scott Clark has brought Alex a poster from Boston the past few years. Knowing Scott wasn't running Boston this year, Leo and Dianne
both made sure Alex had his Boston Marathon 2009 keepsake. Alex was rather upset to discover he'd lost his poster.
Thanks you two, Leo - the shirt is not only his colour but it's his size too! Pretty special...)

Running For Autism
Not Against It
acceptance not cure

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