Thursday, April 2, 2009

World Autism Awareness Day 2009

Me and Michelle

The Autistic Self-Advocacy Conference at World Trade Convention Centre in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I met Michelle Dawson from Montreal and lots of people from Nova Scotia. Dennis Debbaudt was there and speaking at the conference too. We heard Michelle talk about science and ethics and research and I speaking with mom after that about raising positive awareness. Danny Melvin from the Autistic Self-Advocacy Council - Nova Scotia (ASAC-NS) and Michael Price from the Provincial Autism Centre and Michelle and mom and dad and I went out supper after the conference. It was a good day and tomorrow we're back to PEI.


Dave Seidel said...

It does sound like a good day. That's a great picture of you and Michelle.

dinah said...

Yes, it sounds like a marvellous day, and that is a very nice picture indeed

Ralph Smith said...

Cool pic! I like the horse painting too (on the wall). :)

Robyn Bradshaw said...

Thank you so much for presenting at the Conference, Alex! You and jypsy were wonderful.

May I have your permission to re-post your photos on the Provincial Autism Centre website?

All the best,