Friday, April 24, 2009

Photos of Islanders Running in Boston

I've looked through hundreds (thousands?) of photos and have found these:

1 Mile
photo by Jim Rhoades & Frank Georges from Coolrunning

30 Km

photo by Jim Rhoades & Frank Georges from Coolrunning

20 Miles

photo by Ted & Mary Tyler from Coolrunning

Unlike last year when I could look through all these photos and pick out the PEI Shirts, this year I had only faces, bodies and sometimes bib numbers to help. Those who know of my faceblindness issues will appreciate what an accomplishment it was to find the photos I did find. I'm sure I missed quite a few. If you have any or know of any, send the links to me or leave the links in the comments here.

It was very easy to pick out the guy wearing the PEI Marathon shirt (see him here, here and here and I spotted him in others as well), that's Charles Mandel of Bedford NS.

Maybe next year you might want to make my search easier by wearing your own PEI Marathon shirt. Other things that could make it easier for me to spot you - You could dye your hair or wear a wig. Dress up or just go with the top hat & tails. Be a superhero or a superheroine, or find a costume that suits you. You could also wear a bright hat or wave at the cameras.....

If you are going to use any of these photos,

please respect the photographers' rights & wishes:

Please feel free to re-post any photo with the condition that you give credit to the photographer with a link to on your site.
Example link:
photo by Ted Tyler from Coolrunning

Boston 2009 Photos by

Jim Rhoades and Frank Georges (1 Mile & 30 Kilometer) and Ted and Mary Tyler(20 Mile)

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