Saturday, April 4, 2009

WR3 - Wear Red Road Race

Half-Marathon Runners off to the Start Line in Pownal

5K & 10K Start

It was cloudy and 8 degrees.

The WR3 Run at Queen Charlotte Armories in Charlottetown.

The 10km at 5km loop course around Victoria Park and half marathon start in Pownal.

I wore a red shirt for the wear red road race.

I finished in 45:54 and came in 5th out of 41 runners in a 10km.

Connor McGuire won the 10km and Jennifer Perry for the top female.

Steven Baglole edges Leo McCosham for the half marathon by 2 seconds and Jen Nicholson for the top female.

Rob Mackenzie won the 5km and Rebecca Gallant for the top female.

My achilles are little stiff and I have a blister from the wet road and my new shoes. My right calf muscle is a little sore after wards.

More Photos

Official Result: 5th out of 41
10Km in 45 minutes, 54 seconds

5K Results

10K Results
Half-Marathon Results

All proceeds to the

PEI Military Family Services Centre

Serving Those Who Serve

WR3 - Wear Red Road Race Website

Running For Autism
Not Against It
acceptance not cure

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