Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Paper, Sugar, Cool, Sweet...... Celebration....

Just for the fun of it....
(because today is my birthday and I take such liberties)
a couple of fun things, recently shared with me, today's gifts to you....

Peeps Show III
from the Washington Post
"With over 1,100 gooey submissions, it was hard to choose a winner.
Take a look at the top 40 entries to our third annual Peeps Diorama Contest:
They're sweet.
My vote goes to:
M.C. Escher's "RelativiPeep"
by Mark Rivetti

and #11 !!
Peepster's Kill Room
by Chad Brobst & Stamatia Loverdos

Have a great day...

Photo by tsallam


Michelle Dawson said...

Happy Birthday!

I like "That's One Small Step for (a) Peep, One Giant Leap for Peepkind" (#27) and "Steve Jobs Presents iPeep Nano" (#38).

Dave Seidel said...

Happy birthday, jypsy!

Club 166 said...

Happy Birthday, Gypsy! And may you have many more happy ones.


Clay said...

Happy Birthday!

After the next one, it will get easier - really!

Anne said...

Happy birthday, jypsy!

I recently read a biography of Edward Hopper, so I enjoyed "NightPeeps."