Thursday, October 16, 2008

Marathon Pace Bands - Make your own

Alex made his own pace band thanks to the Pace Wristband Creator at

You can make one for any distance (Marathon, Half-Marathon, 10K etc) and any goal time and have it display your time for every Km, like Alex's, or every 5Km.

"The kilometer by kilometer pace band for the marathoner will not fit on a single band.
Wear both bands at the start of the race and throw away the first band at the halfway point"

I. Print the page
II. Cut along the black outline to create the band.
III. (Optional)
To make the wristband stronger (and waterproof), cover the band lengthwise with strips of clear tape: front, back and side edges. Trim tape with scissors.
IV. Wrap the band around your wrist, covering the "A" with the top edge of the band. Size the band to your wrist and tape securely.
V. Go Run a Marathon!

Head over to the Pace Wristband Creator at
and check it out

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