Friday, October 31, 2008

The Fall Frolic Oaks

Every October, Kevin Brothers and the Forestry crew host the Provincial Forest Fall Frolic in the New Harmony Demonstration Woodlot, near Souris.

Every year, runners get a great gift just for registering to run. It was a Touque this year but past years have seen First Aid Kits, Tote Bags, Lunch Cooler Bags and, of course, the Fanny Pack, made famous by the late Walter Lea.

As well, every year, runners are given a tiny little tree. Prince Edward Island's Provincial Tree is the Red Oak. Look, we have them on our flag (Click on it to enlarge it, you'll see the acorns...):

Every year they have Oak saplings and sometimes they have other varieties.
Every fall, since 2004, Alex has brought home one or two of these little babies.
Less than a dozen leaves on them they would rarely be knee high:

But they grow.

And have grown.....

.... and this time of year, when most of the leaves are on the ground, they are especially beautiful.
Those bare Sugar Maples in the background of the photo above are close to 100 years old.
I wonder what the future holds for these lovely trees,
and the runner who brought them home and planted them....

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