Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Fall Frolic

It was sun and cloud and 12 degrees.

The Fall Frolic Run at New Harmony Woodlot.

The 12.3km course on dirt road and trail.

I ran alone at 4th position out of 44 runners in entire race and finish in 54:40 and my 3rd best time.

Leo McCosham won the race and Shari Boyle for the top female.

Ryan Doucette won the 4.6km race and Marla Peters for the top female. 85 runners in 4.6km.

We drove on the first half of the marathon course on the way to Souris.

I hope the weather next Sunday is nice like today.

Official Result: 4th out of 44
12.3K in 54 minutes, 40 seconds

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