Monday, April 18, 2011

Live Blogging Islanders at the Boston Marathon

As is the tradition around here, I'll once again attempt to live blog the Islanders at the Boston Marathon. This year however, Alex is at work, not here to help me, and there are 34 Islanders to try to track, as well as Erin Poirier, an Islander living in NS and Sylvio Bourque, seemingly a wannabe Islander judging from all the Island races he attends.

I'll put the list up in order of their bib numbers and fill in the blanks as soon and as often as I can. This page will be updated repeatedly throughout the day until everyone crosses the finish line and the final results are in. It will be a bit of a marathon just trying to keep up with them all!

I stole this great picture from Sandra Gregory's Facebook Page, hope she doesn't mind
(and if you do Sandra, just let me know)
Hope these folks, and all the Islanders, have a great, fun, day today!


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Aucoin-Finkle Family said...

Thanks Janet for the Live blogging of all Islanders running the Boston Marathon....Great updates on how everyone is doing. Due to nagging training injuries I was unable to make it to Boston, so this was great to have today at work and see how everyone was progressing towards the finish line!! Congratulations to all Boston qualifiers and runners!!
Jules Aucoin