Thursday, April 14, 2011

Kris Taylor's reply to Chris McCarron's Letter to the Editor

Kris Taylor follows Chris Michaud with a reply

Come join us on our runs

Published on April 14, 2011


It was somewhat comedic to read the comments from Chris McCarron last Friday, to give us all his point of view regarding the inconvenience and safety of the various running/walking events that take place on Island roads during some weekend mornings.

The P.E.I. Roadrunners Club should be commended for providing Islanders with these events and the tireless volunteer work that they do. Last year they raised over $45,000 for Island charities while keeping many people motivated to stay or get into shape. I have run in these races, as well, my wife and kids have participated and shared the experience and privilege of being active with a great group of people.

Numerous volunteers police these routes and intersections to ensure safety until the very last person crosses the line. Many summer races are held in parks and trails, but that is not always necessary or possible especially in winter. I have been very rarely harassed by motorists during my many years of cycling or running on island roads. What you might view as a nuisance, a kid may see as inspiration.

If you can’t pull out of the drive- through quick enough Sunday morning, or you stress because you have to wait a few seconds to find the appropriate place to pass because there is a race going on, you should join us. Let’s let Mr. McCarron’s shout out to us, be a shout out back to anyone who has never participated or volunteered in such events. We would love to see you.

Next year the Island Marathon will be 52 laps around the Red Shores Racetrack. Oh how exciting. I hope I draw the rail!

Kris Taylor,

Hunter River

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