Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Chris Michaud's reply to Chris McCarron's Letter to the Editor

Runners, drivers need respect

Published on April 13, 2011


Regarding Chris McCarron’s letter (“Island roads no place for runners,” 9 April 2011): While I can understand his apprehension of runners being on the “challenging enough” Island roads, his suggestion of moving road races to the Charlottetown Driving Park and Racino is rather insulting.

Maybe he also didn’t notice the usual presence of police along the race route?

We runners are, for the most part, well conscious of the dangers lurking on P.E.I. roads. We do our utmost to not place ourselves and Island drivers in needless danger in our quest for exercise and fitness. However, we runners are not much different than cyclists with whom all drivers must share the road. I guess we should all apologize to Mr. McCarron for making his Sunday drive a disconcerting journey.

Perhaps too simplistically, a little respect for each other is what is in order. When the road races are happening, heed the signs from those ensuring the security of the runners and drivers alike. We watch out for you, you watch out for us.

Or perhaps Mr. McCarron would feel safer driving around in circles at the driving park?

Chris Michaud,


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Unknown said...

Driving Circles in the Drive Park... WAHHAHAAHAHAHAHA

Maybe do some 200m repeats... vrooom vrooom