Sunday, April 17, 2011

go! PEI Free Learn to Run Program Starting soon in Kensington

Photo by Stephen Harris, Studio 28,

FREE 10 Week GO PEI Learn to Run program
starting in Kensington on Wednesday May 4th at 6pm.
Meeting place - parking lot of the Kensington Rink

What is a L2R Program?
With Spring in the air, it is time to get outside and start running! Are you a beginner runner? Are you a former runner, but want to re-learn? Join a go!PEI L2R program this spring!

L2R is a 10-week walk-to-run program where participants will build up to running a 5K distance.
The L2R group is led by a running enthusiast and the group meets once per week. All participants receive a running program to follow on their own, along with tips on footwear, stretching, nutrition and equipment!

Over 400 Islanders have learned to run with the go!PEI Learn 2 Run (L2R) program since June 2010. The greatest thing about running is that you do it for YOU. Many people who have never run before fall in love with this activity and get “addicted” to it, because it's an activity that can be done at their own pace.

There are many opportunities to learn more about running with go!PEI. People of all sizes, ages and physical abilities have learned by running a little bit to begin with and eventually working up to run 1 km, 5 km’s or more. Some of these people were very athletic growing up and use running to keep up their fitness while others have never run a step in their life but through commitment, hard work and support are able to realize their dreams.
The PEI Roadrunners have partnered with go!PEI by offering beginner L2R clinics, and by being an incredible resource to those interested in running. The PEI Roadrunner's website has a complete list of races happening in 2011, tips on footwear, breathing, stretching, and a message board where people can post questions.

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