Saturday, April 9, 2011

Letter to the (Guardian) Editor - "Island roads no place for runners"

Island roads no place for runners

Published on April 9, 2011


Running on Island roads as part of a marathon or part of a five-kilometre fundraiser is a practice that needs reconsideration. Island roads are challenging enough without adding runners into the mix.

Often these runners are running two or three abreast occupying the greater part of a lane or road and one can imagine what can happen on a sharp turn when runner meets car. Concern about one’s health is a moot point if you’ve expired due to your lack of diligence.

How about this? Remove road races altogether and relocate them to a safe location such as the race track at the Charlottetown driving park and racino. I am sure the horses won’t mind and commuters wouldn’t have to face road closures etc. just because someone wants to run on asphalt designed for vehicles.

Chris McCarron,


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Unknown said...

Limited Thinking there...

He needs a "hug" and an entry into a 5k with a couple hundred people!