Friday, October 9, 2009

Pace Bands - Make your own fast & easy

It's coming up to that time again.... The Prince Edward Island Marathon weekend is just a week away.

Last year we blogged about this Pace Wristband Creator and it has proven to be a very popular post. So, in honour of PEI's upcoming Marathon, here it is again.....

The Pace Wristband Creator from can be found here:

Plug in your goal time, then choose "Miles", "Every 5Km" or "Every Km". Alex is aiming to beat his last year's time of 3:29:29 and has chosen 3:25. The "Every 5Km" and "Every Km" bands are shown here.

If you're running the Half-Marathon, the 10K or even the 5K you can make a pace band there as well. Under "Other Distance Pace Bands" enter your distance (21.1Km for a Half-Marathon) and, as with the Marathon bands, your goal time and your choice of "miles", "every 5Km" or "every Km".

"The kilometer by kilometer pace band for the marathoner
will not fit on a single band. Wear both bands at the start of the race
and throw away the first band at the halfway point"

  • Print the page
  • Cut along the black outline to create the band.
  • (Optional) To make the wristband stronger (and waterproof), cover the band lengthwise with strips of clear tape: front, back and side edges. Trim tape with scissors.
  • Wrap the band around your wrist, covering the "A" with the top edge of the band. Size the band to your wrist and tape securely.
  • Go Run a Marathon!


aspieteach said...

Cool, I am totally showing this to my husband. He's running the Philadelphia Marathon next month and would love this!

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