Saturday, October 10, 2009

Fall Frolic in the mud & rain

It was cloud and rain and 9 degrees.

The Fall Frolic Run at New Harmony Woodlot.

Nathan Paton won the 12.3km race and Pat Ellis for the top female.

Niall Burnett won the 4.6km race.

I finished in 59:22 and came in 6th out of 17+ runners.

It was muddy!

Next weekend I run my 2nd marathon at Prince Edward Island Marathon weekend.

I hope the beat PB from last year of 3:29:29.

Volunteering Thursday making race kits and Friday and Saturday registering half marathon.

More Photos ~*~ Results: 12.3 ~ 4.6

Official Result: 6th out of 17
12.3K in 59 minutes, 22 seconds

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Adair said...

Alex!! Good luck in your marathon! Asia is running her 2nd marathon this weekend too...the Detroit Free Press Marathon. We'll check back to see your time!!