Thursday, September 11, 2008

Update on Appalachian Trail hiker Linus Gillis

Update on Appalachian Trail hiker Linus Gillis

The Journal Pioneer

The following photo and caption information was submitted by Monette Burnett:

"On Sept 2 /08 RON MURPHY & ALLAN MAC KENZIE Leaving To meet our hero LINUS GILLIS being on the Trail for 6 months now.
300 miles left to do. Destination Gorm New Hampshire On Thursday afternoon Ron went looking for Linus On a turn to the trail LINUS happend to see RON first and a big shout came off Linus :(EH are you lost?????) the 2 was so happy to see each other big embraces and one more was to be deliver for FAYE Linus s wife Linus doing super good.
Linus is doing good encounting his long hr of hiking and his body full of sores and bruises looking to be back soon to SUMMERSIDE back where he belong with friends and familly."


Alyric said...

My eldest came all the way to the US to hike the Appalachian Trail, fell down a steep incline, did her knee in and that was the end of it. She's been with us in Ottawa ever since.

jypsy said...

awe... hope she healed/is healing well. Ottawa is pretty but I'm sure it can't compare to the beauty of the trail.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Linus! You're not ready for the rockin chair yet!!