Monday, September 15, 2008

Charlottetown Terry Fox Run 2008

Special Guests

Lt. Governor Barbara Hagerman, Health Minister Doug Currie, Charlottetown MP Shawn Murphy,

Charlottetown City Councilman Peter McClosky and Premier Robert Ghiz.

Janice Duffy speaks on her cancer battle.

At the warm up with Gord of UFIT

They started with walkers, roller bladers, bikers and runners.

The other Alex who wear a red shirt ran with me at front of the run.

Premier Robert Ghiz at the 2.5km water station.

My father as traffic volunteer.

My Nannie and Aunt came to watch and support.

BBQ after with hot dogs and drinks.

Run organizer Athena Doyle with Ewen Stewart.

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Anonymous said...

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