Wednesday, September 3, 2008

On the Run - Consistency key to success

On the Run
Consistency key to success

Stan Chaisson

Whether you’re running your first event of you’re a seasoned veteran, training or walking
on a consistent basis is the key to success. When running becomes a habit it not only
becomes part of your day, it feels easier, you experience less fatigue, and the unpleasant
feelings that may have frequented you in the past are now few and far between. It’s very
simple, the more consistently you run the more enjoyable and rewarding it becomes.
Having this hobby built into your schedule will lead to many other benefits. Your
confidence will go through the roof as you realize that the hard work is all paying off.
You’ll start seeing major improvements in your performance and your motivation will
continue to grow. You’re mood will improve drastically, you’ll get more sleep and
increasing energy levels will improve productivity and allow you to tackle other activities
that may not have been possible before.

Improvements in health will also arise. Regular aerobic exercise will lower high blood
pressure, reduce stress and improve body composition. Running is a chance to unwind,
reflect on your day and clear your head. It is often a great time to think about the things
that are important to you and to focus on the positive moments of your day and forget the
negative. With all of these physical and mental benefits I often ask the question why not

So how do you stick with your program? I would suggest finding a running partner or
group and meet new people that enjoy the same hobbies to help you stay motivated. To
make sure you do a workout, there's nothing like the social support of knowing someone
else is waiting for you. It's a change from running by yourself and it’s a great boost
especially if you're doing a long run or a speed workout on the track. Most importantly
It’ll keep you accountable and on a manageable training schedule. So gather up the coworkers
or family members set a running night and get moving. It’ll be a fun challenge!

Another great way to stay consistent is by keeping a training log. After each run, take a
minute to jot down a few notes about how it went. You can write how far you ran, how
long it took you, how the weather was, how you felt, what your pre run meal was and so
on. Having this reminder is motivating because you can look back and see all the work
you’ve done and all the improvements you’ve made. It’s also a great tool to find out what
works best for you. It reveals the secrets of your training and racing successes, and
provides lots of inspirational quotes and useful tips. Use this motivation to fuel your

It’s just a matter of making time for yourself and planning walking and running into your
day and making it a priority. Without a plan it’s very easy to skip a run, and there’s
always excuses that get in the way. My suggestion is make excuses to run. Step up to the
challenge and reap the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle.

Stan Chaisson is a registered kinesiologist, trainer, avid runner, and exercise enthusiast. His weekly column will provide advice and training tips for those preparing for the BMO Prince Edward Island Marathon, October 18-19 (

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