Friday, September 19, 2008

On the Run - Hard work, dedication needed for marathon

Hard work, dedication needed for marathon
The Guardian

Running a marathon isn’t an easy task.
It takes months of hard work, dedication and a schedule that is physically and mentally demanding.
There are days you can think of a million things to do before you decide to run and days you just feel like giving up. All I can say is you need to keep putting one foot in front of the other and throw those negative thoughts in the garbage on the way out the door.
Many of you may feel running a marathon is out of reach.
You may feel like it’s too late to start, and say, ‘I’m too busy’ or ‘someday I’ll do it’.
I say get moving. It’s so easy to use an excuse every year and sooner or later it will be too late, the dream of running the famous distance of 26.2 miles will be gone.
No one knows what tomorrow holds for us, so you need to live everyday to the fullest. Stop delaying your goals, and get your butt in gear.
Put things in perspective. Does sitting at a desk all day working really mean the most to you? Yeah, I didn’t think so. Do something rewarding, something that you’ll feel good about.
Stop saying ‘I don’t have time,’ that is such a lame excuse. Make an action plan and follow through.
If I have your attention and you’re asking yourself ‘What’s next?’, I would say get out and experience what this event is all about.
We are very lucky to have the BMO Nesbitt Burns P.E.I. Marathon because it provides all Islanders the opportunity to participate in a day of fun, fitness and inspiration.
What more could you ask for? Sure the marathon may not be attainable this year, but don’t let that stop you from being a part of the event. Walk the 10-km event, the half marathon or take your kids to the Spud Kids Fun Run.
Watch the expression of the participants as they approach the finish line and see the excitement and pride on their faces.
I promise it will not take long to feel the emotion and become motivated. As you see people of all shapes and sizes passing by, ask yourself, ‘What’s stopping me from doing this?’
You’ll soon realize that there are not as many excuses as you thought. This can be the boost you need to run the elusive 26.2 sooner than you think.
I’ve witnessed people start this journey from square one. It’s amazing what one can accomplish with only a pair of sneakers and a willing attitude. You simply need to belief in yourself and the rest falls into place.
Never underestimate what your capabilities are, never assume that you can’t before you try. This experience is something that’ll stay with you long after you cross the finish line. It’ll be something you can reflect on for a lifetime.

Stan Chaisson is a certified kinesiologist, trainer, avid runner and exercise enthusiast. His weekly column will provide advice and training tips for those preparing for the BMO Prince Edward Island Marathon, Oct. 18-19

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