Monday, August 18, 2008

Islanders on the Run - Last Weekend at Parlee Beach and in Edmonton

Parlee Beach Triathlon & Duathlon
Olympic Distance Triathlon
August 17th, 2008
4(Place) 2:20:10(Time)   Marcos Lores       
7(Place) 2:24:20(Time) Scott Dickieson
8(Place) 2:25:16(Time) Matthew Gallant
14(Place) 2:31:44(Time) Greg Arsenault
16(Place) 2:33:09(Time) Andy Clark
17(Place) 2:34:02(Time) Shawn McCardle
24(Place) 2:40:45(Time) Corena Hughes
29(Place) 2:47:38(Time) D'Arcy Flynn
33(Place) 2:53:15(Time) Bonnie Smith
34(Place) 2:54:10(Time) Sandy Carson-Mcguire

Full Results Here
Parlee Beach Triathlon & Duathlon
Sprint Distance Triathlon
August 17th, 2008
2(Place) 1:12:01(Time)   Sam Mason
4(Place) 1:15:00(Time) Kris Taylor
13(Place) 1:21:08(Time) Menno Arendz
18(Place) 1:26:39(Time) Ryan Mills
23(Place) 1:28:11(Time) Terry Mills
25(Place) 1:28:42(Time) Greg Mills
30(Place) 1:31:49(Time) Brenda Benson
41(Place) 1:41:21(Time) Nathan Archibald
48(Place) 1:50:16(Time) Nicole Martin

Full Results Here
ING Edmonton Marathon
August 17th 2008

94 (place) 1:40:02(Time) Anne MacLaurin (PB)

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