Monday, August 25, 2008

Islanders at the Ironman

Islanders tackle Ironman course
The Journal Pioneer

PENTICTON, B.C. -- The father-daughter team of Paul Dalton from St. Edward and Paulette Dalton from Toronto came close to their objective in the recent Subaru Ironman Canada triathlon in Penticton, B.C.
The Daltons had wanted to complete the course in around 13 hours. Paul Dalton, 50, crossed the finish line in 13 hours four minutes 38 seconds (13:04:38). Paulette, 24, completed the course 21 minutes 43 seconds (21:43) behind him. Her time was 12th fastest out of 22 for women 18 to 24. Out of 172 participants in the men's 50 to 54 category, her father finished 91st.
A total of 2,210 people started the race and 2,063 would cross the finish line. The Daltons were near the middle of the pack -- 1,206 and 1,334th overall.
Winning time was a near bionic 8:30:12 by Bryan Rhodes of New Zealand. Fastest female was Belinda Granger of Australia, who accomplished the feat in 9:17:58.
This is not an event for novice runners -- it starts with a 3.84-kilometre swim, then packs on a bike race of 180-kilometre duration and finishes off with a 42-kilometre marathon run.
Top Islander was Chandra DaHaan from Charlottetown, 317 overall, in a time of 11:00:23. She was sixth out of 67 in the women's 25 to 29 category.
A former Springfield, P.E.I., resident, Bryon Howard, now living in Calgary, was 49th fastest overall in a time of 9:45:42. That was third fastest among the 291 men in the 40 to 44-age bracket.

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