Sunday, September 30, 2007

A Personal Best 5K and a 16K run to Ryan's for a BBQ with Stan's Running Group

UPEI Homecoming Weekend 5K Fun Run
UPEI Campus & Confederation Trail (will start and finish at the student centre)"
Saturday, September 29, 2007

It was cloudy and 11 degrees.

The UPEI Homecoming Weekend 5k Fun Run is a new race, part of UPEI Homecoming Weekend.

Out and back on the campus and trail.

He came in 19:37 and PB of 5km time by 6 seconds better than Gold Cup Trot 2004.

He was first time Sub 20 minutes in 3 years.

Placed in 13th out of 79 runners.

Kendall MacDonald won top male and Rachael McCarvill won top female.

Official Result: 13th out of 79
5K in 19 minutes, 37 seconds

After the race Dianne took Bev and me to Brackley Beach at PEI National Park to run to Ryan on the PEI Marathon route for BBQ.

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Running For Autism
Not Against It
acceptance not cure

PEI In Motion/Run UPEI
Marathon/Half-Marathon Running Group Run to Ryan's BBQ

We ran 16km to Ryan's Paristan style BBQ.

He cooked meat on big stakes and fire, salads, cookies, scones.

It was good time a good food with the runners from Stan's marathon and half marathon group.

Thank You Ryan and Jenn for a great afternoon

Ryan, Jenn & Stan & all...

I'd also like to thank you so much for your hospitality. The idea was great and the food & fun was even better! (Of course I didn't run the 16K to get to the food & fun!). Alan, the scones were good too!

I hope you all have a fabulous time in a couple of weeks at the PEI Marathon. Whether you're running the full Marathon or joining Alex in the Half, I'll be watching for you all and cheering you on. Stan has done his best to get you to the finish line in good form, your results will likely reflect the hard work you've all put in.

All the best to you all!

UPEI Homecoming Weekend attracts 3,000 visitors
The Guardian

The University of Prince Edward Island held its first ever Homecoming celebration over the weekend, and organizers say it was a glowing success with more than 3,000 visitors on hand.
Events were held from Thursday until late Sunday evening, with receptions, open houses, BBQs, concerts and sporting events attended by thousands.
Final numbers are not yet in, but Al Blanchard, who co-chaired the Homecoming organizing committee, said he believes over 3,000 people visited the campus over the weekend.
“People liked the idea. It’s a great opportunity to get together and get on the campus and see what it’s like now.”
A strong focus was placed on activities for alumni and the gathering together of past graduates and staff of the university.
The weekend opened with a distinguished alumni luncheon, and on Friday there was a Walk Down Memory Lane organized for past students.
Blanchard said the idea was to spark memories for alumni, but also show them and the community how UPEI has progressed over time.
“We were trying to build a spirit around people’s university days, and it’s a good chance for people to come out and see some of the facilities.”
He said he knows Homecoming was a success from observing the way people reacted.
“There was a lot of laughter and chuckling. That’s a good indicator of when you’re having a celebration. A lot of people were enjoying themselves, and reminiscing and meeting new people.”
The most popular event was the Atlantic Veterinarian College’s open house, which has been held annually for the last several years.
This year over 2,000 people attended AVC’s open house.
But events like Glass Tiger’s performance at The Wave and varsity hockey, rugby and soccer games drew hundreds as well, Blanchard said.
Visitors and alumni came from Halifax, Toronto, Ottawa and even the U.S.
“We even had some people from Alberta who happened to be home and they went in the 5 kilometre run.”
Blanchard said the most gratifying thing for him over the weekend was watching friendships rekindling to see the smiles on people’s faces.
“We’re exhausted – all the organizers and volunteers – but at the same time we’re excited because we were able to pull it off and I think we have something that’s going to become a pretty special tradition for UPEI.”
After all the final numbers are in, the university will review the outcome of the event.
But Blanchard is confidant there will be another Homecoming held next year.
“The plan will be to have Homecoming 2008 sometime in the latter part of September,” he said.

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