Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Alex has joined the PEI RoadRunner Club - Run for the Cure Team

Alex has joined

the PEI RoadRunner Club - Run for the Cure Team

If you're a PEI RoadRunner, why don't you join too?

"Let’s do something about breast cancer and have fun together on Sunday, September 30th!

Join the PEI RoadRunners team. Registration is easy!

Once you register, you can set up a personal donation page where friends, family and co-workers can support you. Online donations are quick, easy and secure!

Join the team today and reap the rewards as an individual participant and team member. For information about prizes, fundraising, your Run site and Run kit pick-up, visit often. Thank you for your support.

We look forward to seeing you on Sunday, September 30th!"


Anonymous said...

You got me.

Not autism cure but breast cancer cure.

I have currently nothing against curing breast cancer but there are also some dubious alternative treatments for cancer too.

jypsy said...

Are you aware that (almost) every week Alex runs for a charity, but except for these 2 cancer runs, he only donates his own money? Is it his running for charities you have an issue with or cancer runs in particular?

The Banks Financial Run supported the Arthritis Society, the Friendship Run was for Prince County Hospital, Kent Building Supplies was for Breast Cancer, the Desmond Baglole Scenic Road Run went to a Holland Collage Bursary. The Gold Cup Trot was a fundraiser for Presidents Choice Children's Charity, and the Source for Sports 10K was for the Children's Wish Foundation. This weekend he'll contribute to the Miscouche Firemens Equipment Fund at the Miscouche 10 Mile Run. (The full details on all the RoadRunner Runs and the charity each supports can be seen on the RoadRunner Race Schedule)

If we have offend you by openly soliciting sponsorship here on this blog for these 2 cancer runs, and you are a cancer patient, I apologize for offending you. You may want to just stay away.

As far as the Terry Fox run goes, I will take the words of those like Paula MacDonald who addressed us at the run on Sunday -
"“These 2 1/2 years have been the best 2 1/2 years of my life. Not only have I survived them, but I’ve had great quality of life,” she told a group of participants in the 27th annual Terry Fox Run in Charlottetown on Sunday.
“I have never been sick from my cancer and I have never been sick from the treatments.”
MacDonald said she’s grateful to everyone who was participating in this year’s event, and said it’s because of fundraising efforts such as this one that cancer research is made possible.
“You’ve been an important part of raising money for the research that’s making a difference in the lives of cancer patients.”"

As to the Run for The Cure, I have thoroughly discussed the issue of Breast Cancer treatment options, issues like lack of choice in one's own treatment regime etc etc with someone very much in the know and have received their blessing to encourage Alex to fundraise for this cause via this run. We're not asking you to do anything you don't want to do. Please, if you don't want to consider sponsoring him, PLEASE DON'T CONSIDER IT. I'm sorry you feel the need to post anonymously.

I refuse to compare autism & breast cancer (or any other cancer), most especially in the context of "cure".

Anonymous said...

I appreciate how generous Alex and jypsy have been with their money and their time to the benefit of others. They set a great example for everyone.