Tuesday, May 17, 2011

One Year Anniversary working at The Great Canadian Soap Company

Today it my one year anniversary working at The Great Canadian Soap Company.

The cake made of double layer, oreo cookies and white frosting to celebrate.

I love working there! See 10 great things below.

The banner of table cloth decorated by co-workers and kids.

Conor is on her way to Miami for the hand crafted soap maker guilt conference.
Her one year anniversary on May 30.

Above: The cake! ~*~ Below: The tablecloth :)

Katie's sketches of Alex at work and running home

10 GREAT Things About

Working at The Great Canadian Soap Company

Staff photo taken after The Great Canadian Goat Run
November 2010

Shannon, Alex, Conor, Em, Amy

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations Alex! And thank you for your wonderful blog. It's inspired me to start running again.