Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Running on a (goat) theme)

Can't wait until next year for a Goat Run?
Good news!

The Goat Alpine Adventure Run goes in 2 short weeks, December 4th,in Tongariro National Park, New Zealand.
The Goat is an exhilarating adventure run from Whakapapa to Turoa Ski Fields on the Round the Mountain track, traversing the western slopes of Mount Ruapehu. The 21 kilometre course has over 1000 metres of vertical ascent and covers a whole bunch of amazing terrain. Participants will experience stunning scenery ranging from ancient lava flows and scoria fields, mountain beech forest, tussock grasslands and alpine herbfields to cascading waterfalls, an alpine lake, boulder strewn rivers and amazing panoramic views, all set in a dual world heritage area; Tongariro National Park.

The Goat is a demanding yet achievable run that is widely acclaimed as one of New Zealand’s premier off road running events. Discover for yourself why The Goat is such a memorable experience.

The Goat Alpine Adventure Run will take place on Saturday 4 December 2010 starting at 9.30am. The reserve day is Sunday 5 December at the earlier start time of 8.30am.

There are 500 places available for this event each year.

If you find yourself on PEI, not Tongariro National Park, New Zealand this December 4th, join us just southeast of New Zealand, PEI in Souris for the Rollie Gallant Memorial Run.

Or..... Closer than New Zealand but not until May, you can take in...

The Mountain Goat Run, May 2nd in Syracuse New York

As part of an early morning fitness class at the Downtown Syracuse YMCA, a small group of people started to jog around a few city blocks. As their fitness improved, distance was added to these daily runs. As part of their route, they added some parks in Syracuse , many of which featured some of the highest points in Syracuse . Special shirts were created claiming these individuals as "Mountain Goats".

In June of 1978, 25 people decided to run four city parks during the same run, covering a distance of 17.5 miles. All those who completed the run, received a special ribbon recognizing them as "Super Goats".

YMCA Director Walt Price, created an official race in 1979, called the "Fun to Run Classic" which started in Columbus Circle . A 10 mile course was created that needed to be a demanding course, which tested runners and provided a true sense of accomplishment for all those who finished.

The initial Mountain Goat featured a 3000 meter race and the 10 mile Mountain Goat. Jeff Wells, winner of the 1977 Honolulu Marathon, was the first winner of the Mountain Goat in 50 minutes and twelve seconds.

Over the years, may top ranked national runners have tackled the Mountain Goat. Joan Benoit, Benji Durden, Jeff Galloway, Jerry Lawson, Michelle LaFleur, Tom Carter, Kevin Collins and Deb Springer are all past winners of the Mountain Goat.

And again, if you're on PEI that weekend, not Mountain Goat Running, there will probably be a running of the Proude's Shoes 5K right about then.

Visiting Perth, Ontario and looking for running gear? Looks like this is the place to go:

Not leaving the Island?
The folks at
can fix you up.

Who knew Running and Goats went so well together?!

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