Saturday, November 13, 2010

A GREAT! Great Canadian Goat Run

No, not a goat..... a fox
who took it upon him/herself to supervise us
as we set the course up early this morning

Foxy was hanging out by the 5K turn around point

Wayne Easter, MP ready with the "goat bell" to start the race
as Em Zember welcomes the runners

5K Start

10K Start

The Medals
Gold, Silver & Bronze Soap-on-a-rope!

When Em first told me that "next year I want to make soap-on-a-rope medals"
it only took me a moment to realize that this idea was
way too cool to not do this year.
I asked (begged) her, if there was any way
she could fake it for this year, please find a way.

(Soap making is, after all, more like cheese making than bread baking - it involves curing & drying and such. Drop into the shop and watch their 12 minute video sometime - it's full of information about the farm and the family and you'll learn all about how they make their soap and other products).

Thank you Em and Conor! I loved them.
Looking forward to next year's!
Congratulations to the runners who took one home.
This one belongs to Wade Sweet & Piper, I'll get it to you Wade

Awards for running a Personal Best Time

Medals for the youngest Male & Female

Alex hitting the finish line
escorted by the 10K Race Winner Scott Clark

Womens' 10K Gold Medal winner
Jennifer Pizio-Perry

Goat Race Winners
Carson Campbell & Clover ~*~ Sylvie Arsenault & Tansy

Thank You so much to the Event Sponsors
for supplying the venue, registration gifts, medals & awards,
food, drink, signage, cups and support.
Please support these businesses that support us.

Great Canadian Soap Company
Robin's Donuts ~+~ Purity Dairy ~+~ Kays Wholesale
Coca-Cola Bottling Company ~+~ Buns and Things ~+~ Sign City
Atlantic Wholesales
PEI RoadRunners Club

Thank You Sara Deveau for the "Alex Cake"

Only a few of you were lucky enough to have seen a
similar cake
also made by Harbourview Training Centre
at a party in 2006 celebrating the completion of Alex's Tip-to-Tip Run

This truly was an day worthy of an Alex Cake

Huge Thanks as well to our many and varied Door Prize Sponsors.
Your generosity was touching, and at times overwhelming.
Again, please consider supporting these people & businesses
that have so generously supported us.

Crooked Creek Christmas Tree Farm ~+~ Proude's Shoes ~+~ Kwik Kopy
Sporting Intentions
~+~ Harmony House Theatre & Kris Taylor ~+~ Isobel's Flower Farm
Owl's Hollow
~+~ Stella Maris Credit Union ~+~ CARI Pool ~+~ Pure Spa
Paul Chessman (Credential Financial Strategies) ~+~ Quick Wrench
Grafton St. Shell
~+~ Prince Edward Island Preserve Company ~+~ Bulk Barn
Robin's Donuts
~+~ Andrews Hockey ~+~ TDISC SANTA CLAUSE 5K Fun Run
North Rustico Home Hardware ~+~ Oyster Bed General Store~+~ Clark's Toyota
North Star Arena ~+~ Sherwood BMR ~+~ Bugaboo Cottages ~+~ Tremploy
Sylvie Arsenault ~+~ A Friend

Thank You Runners
for your generous food donations for the Food Bank.

Thank you also to Ms. Milner who took a food donation to the water stop
& Mrs. Younker who flagged down Ronda Bellefontaine as she ran by
and gave her a cash donation!

Monday we'll give you a total of the money raised and donated
along with these 3 big tubs of food.

Everyone who asked for the pancake recipe can find it HERE

Big thanks to Alex's boss, Em Zember,
for giving him a job and a chance to prove himself,
and then "throwing him a race".
It doesn't get any better than that!

Thanks to all the volunteers
Alex's boss and co-workers Shannon, Conor and Amy and their families,
Alex's family and Alex's RoadRunning family.

More Photos

5K Results ~*~ 10K Results

And here's how Alex saw it.....

It was sunny and 10 degrees.

The Great Canadian Goat Run at Great Canadian Soap Company.

The loop course on Portage Rd, Winsloe Rd, Ling Rd, MacQuarrie Rd and Brackley Point Rd.

Phil Byrne won the 5km race and Sara Deveau for the top female.

Scott Clark won the 10km race and Jennifer Pizio-Perry for the top female.

I finished the 10km route in 41:59 and came in 7th out of 40 runners.

3 runners set a PBs with $5 gift certificate.

The course record time of 20:23 in 5km and 37:58 in 10km.

The cake from Sara have me on it. Thank You Sara!

The goats race too and Carson Campbell and Sylvie Arsenault had the fastest goats.

Everyone got to see where I work. Come back and see me I work Monday to Friday 8am-1pm.

Thank You Em for having the Great Canadian Goat Run. I have a great day!

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Unknown said...

Alex, jypsy --
This made my day!

adair said...

This is just the coolest!! I love the soap on a rope medals! What a wonderful way to honor Alex's talents!! Way to go Alex!! Way to go EM!!

Adelaide Dupont said...

Throwing a race is just like throwing a party, only so much more ... excellent.

Have a great time everyone!

Karen said...

Love the tagline!

Unknown said...

What a COOL race! Congrats Alex on a great run! Soap Medals... WOAH, I am geeking out over that... too COOL.

I'm going for another medal (albeit Wooden) this weekend!
Rock On!