Friday, August 20, 2010

Gold Cup Trot - A Top 10, Sub 20 minute 5K

It was sun and cloud and 20 degrees. The Gold Cup Trot at Victoria Park. The loop course on Victoria Park, Gold Cup Parade route and Old Charlottetown.

Connor McGuire won the race and broke the course record by 2 seconds. Grace Annear for the top female.

I finished in 19:29 and came in 9th out of 160 runners.

Tied my 3rd best 5km time along with Banks Financial (19:29 2008), UPEI Homecoming (19:12 2009) and Deltaware (19:07 2008).

Tomorrow I run the Kensington Harvest Festival Run 25km from Stanchel to Kensington start time at 8:30am.

Official Result: 9th out of 160
5K in 19 minutes, 29 seconds

My boss from The Great Canadian Soap Company Em Zember was in the race today.
Her husband David and children Chris and Julia watched the race and the parade.

Running For Autism
Not Against It
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saucony said...

Great run, congratulation, you did a great job!!!